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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

Just had this, think it came from the in-laws:

Hmmm, not sure about this. Nice yeasty-apple nose but there’s something intrusively metallic on the palate and the dosage seems heavy-handed, leaving a rather sugary let-down for the finish.

Well, between three of us, it won’t take long to move on to something else anyway…


Just trying my first mince pie of the season with a glass of Lustau Añada. Delicious combination. Of course this is not just any mince pie …
But seriously, mince pie and sherry! Does this mean I really am getting old, or can I get away with blaming it on the time of year?


Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It really is a winner.

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looking forward to an exciting evening!


First day in Hungary, at my brothers.

These three featured:

The Bardolino Rose with a little bottle age was surprising and very nice. My brother bought a couple of bottles after a tasting at the estate in the summer.

The Syrah Rosé Pet Nat slightly funky, but very satisfying. It was dry and with an attractive savoury edge.

The PN was a knockout young wine. So delicious. I think it has the structure to go on, so will probably by six bottles to lay down to have over the next 6 years.


Domaine de Chevalier blanc 2006 tonight

On opening I was slightly concerned about oxidation but if it is it is mild enough that it just seems to add a little richness. Taut acidity with an almost tangerine character, still some oak spice and a long layered finish. Only one bottle left :frowning:


Incessant rain in Brighton, so we opted for some comfort food in the shape of Catalan Oxtail Canelones, using some leftover Oxtail stew. I was looking for a robust red to match, and decided to open a 2004 Domaine Pichard Madiran:

Got this as a bin end from the showroom on our last visit for the ridiculous price of £11.50 (the original price is just as ridiculous, mind you). For a 15 year old wine, this delivers a lot of pleasure, though we both think it’s probably heading towards retirement, if not full blown end-of-life.

The nose is a tad more enticing than the palate with its notes of potpourri, pencil shavings (might be that 25% Cab Franc?), earthy beetroot (honestly!), cedar and leather; on the palate it still packs a tannic punch, with some acidity too - but the fruit fades fairly quickly, and it’s all dried berries and cherries as well as some prunes. The finish is quite short - so not sure it’ll last until 2024, as TWS notes suggest.

I reckon, however, that it’ll be a nice match to the meal - and I’m definitely going to get a couple bottles of their 2009 vintage, which might be a little more lively.

Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! :grinning::wine_glass::umbrella:


Having a glass of this now:

Fabulous nose - all rhubarb, orange peel and baking spice. Slightly more red-fruited on the grippy palate with a tangy, cherryish finish. Pure lush.


Haven’t decided on Christmas Day wines yet, but it’s fairly traditional fare, with wild smoked salmon (my sole retained fish of the year) to start, pheasant and pistachio terrine, then turkey and the usual…Alsace will definitely feature at least once, and a Pinot Noir red of some kind too. Pudding will be trifle and wineless, then somewhat later, cheese and Alsace and Pinot Noir will definitely feature again, plus some of the Graham’s 10 year old tawny which Tesco had reduced to £13.50 in my local this weekend…be rude not to have bought a couple.

Right now, we had some rather good Blackface roast lamb with boulangere potatoes and french beans, and got these two venerable bottles out…

Cabrida Montsant 2000 - just took a small glass with Coravin. Garnet colour fading a bit, singular bouquet of furniture polish (VA?) but not unpleasant. Roast figs and overripe fruit on the palate, pleasant and quite interesting, but on the down slope now. Some tannic grip still which was surprising (until I saw the amount of sediment right under the neck!). Will keep the rest and share it with some friends soon.

The Angludet '89 was about half a bottle left from one which I had Coravined a few months ago. I opened the bottle (cork was sound), decanted it which was a good move as a large plug of sediment was there at the end. For 30 years old, this was still punching, mint and cedar on the nose, sweet, sweet fruit, and a little savoury tannin on the end. Superb match with lamb. Darker in colour than the Montsant, still quite a deep faded crimson with little browning. One bottle of this left now…


Hi Leah,

That Phelan Segur is quite young still, I’ve still got a couple from 2004 and 2002 - one of which is still quite unyielding, and may never in fact yield, but 2012 is a more forward vintage so should be good!

2019 was ok here until final quarter when we lost a couple of good friends far too young…hoping that 2020 will be better…

Have a great Christmas in Ireland!


Yes, clearly the wotsits and crisps will be served separately! :slight_smile:

That is quite a batting order…intrigued by the braised hare ragu which features both lentils and pasta…should be good.

Also the Cote Rotie with the squid sounds adventurous, would be interested to hear how it went!


White Burgundy last weekend, another tonight:
Domaine Ballot Millot Meursault Genevrières 1er crus 2010

A touch oxidised but not unpleasant. Seems to be slightly less noticeable as it breathes / warms up. Food friendly with green apple acidity on the finish. Hard to judge this one, my 5th bottle of 6 and none of them have tasted to me to be in the right place. Leaving the last bottle while is a risk I might take, just to see.

Served with scallops, black pudding, cauliflower purée, celeriac and apple salad.


Finished the evening with some cheap & cheerful (supermarket?) ruby port somehow left over from a year ago:

Did a grand job. Now to sleep…


Warming up for Christmas with some nice wines this weekend.


Paul Bara grand cru champagne opened last night was excellent and even better tonight. Mineral with red fruits. Aperitif style with lots of refreshment.

Tonight with beef Wellington (Aldi)

A crumbling cork required a debut performance from a recently purchased butlers thief. Wine was in good condition despite the cork issues. Silky smooth with lots of red fruits and iron. Love mature Côte rotie.

And the bargain m&s royal Palace 2002 colheita is vanishing rapidly. Thankful for some 2007 vp and lustau Añada at pocket money prices to see out the festive season.


A cheeky half bottle with the Mrs to open up proceedings. ‘Fruité et genereux’ on the label and I agree - a long citrus finish, dry but relatively low acidity, enough body to stand up to food. Bring on the feasting…


Been out to the panto tonight.
Now home and have just coravined a glass of this to accompany the bonus Saturday night NFL


Last night with the in-laws, had a few bottles of fizz this was the standout:

Certainly had more length and character than a pleasant, but unexceptional bottle of Laurent Perrier NV gifted to my sister in law.

Joining in the calls for the W/S to stock some decent Sekt!


The hare is being braised separately to a ragú of lentils to accommodate a pescatarian family member. I intend to keep the ragú “loose” and the braised meat very thick to combine the two with the pasta for carnivores.


A lovely white Bordeaux last night :wink::wink:! One of my favourites.


Sounds absolutely delicious