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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019


I think a lot of 2005s still aren’t ready unfortunately! Agree that red Burg isn’t great value - but I was very happy with my pair of £40 village wines at Christmas (2011 Grivot Vosne and 2010 Rossignol-Trapet Gevrey).


Definitely a big fan of both German and American pinots, and buy both, although I have not found many American pinots that offer much better value than Burgundy, especially some of the Burgundies TWS is able to offer with some bottle age.

I do keep coming back to Burgundy as it seems to offer another layer of complexity, and I was certainly more than happy with the Mortet, and also very much enjoyed a 1992 Volnay Santenots de Milieu 1er cru from Domaines Comtes Lafon over the festive period, whilst on Friday enjoyed a 2016 Pataille Bourgogne Rouge, that I did decant and was fantastic!


Some honourable mentions for wines enjoyed over the New Year

Especially enjoyed the Kumeu River, the 2012 more generous than the austere 2011.

Excellent Albariño from Zarate.

Feytit Clinet still quite closed. Would give it a longer decant next time.

Contino can be enjoyed on its fruit now but will age well over the medium term.

El Secreto was a bit underwhelming - ok but personally spend a tad more and buy the Bohorquez which has more bottle age.


I am trying to follow up on the 1995 Beaucastel mention. The food sounded great but I would have been interested to know how the wine was drinking after 24 years. I had a case of the 1995 but sadly finished it 10years ago!

Is it just me or is this website unduly complicated. Why is not easier to reply direct to a previous tweet?!


Hi there. I had mentioned the 1995 Beaucastel in last weekend’s drinking thread. The wine had a powerful port-like aroma, well balanced, smooth tannins, great big fruits of the forest. It was great but certainly at its limit. I wouldn’t leave this one too long in the cellar. The cork crumbled, perhaps indicating previous storage issues. Thankfully, the drinking experience wasn’t compromised!