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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

Looks like everyone drank some pretty fabulous things over the festive period! I hope you all had great Christmases and are having a good start to the new year.

Vinous highlights for me were 2016 Mont Redon Lirac, 2011 Ulysse Pauillac and 2017 Chave ‘Circa’ Blanc with the turkey on Christmas Day; 2003 Chateau Musar and 2011 Exhibition Rioja Reserva with roast lamb shoulder on Boxing Day - followed by another glorious bottle of Herbel Reverie with the Christmas Pudding.
I also opened my first bottle of the Weinert Carrascal Assemblaje Especial. Definitely ready to drink now, but I’ll probably wait a few months before the next. It’s a really interesting drop - still plenty of fruit but with loads of tertiary flavours on top. For me t’s a wine to savour on its own, rather than with a meal.

The standout overall was probably this, which was opened at the family gathering on Christmas Eve. I’ve definitely never drunk anything with this much age on it before. You could still pick up some bright red fruit, but most of all it tasted like Christmas Pudding. In a good way. Absolutely gorgeous!


Not if I can help it :open_mouth:


Try this instead? Might be supportive, but in your own way…


That looks really good, I’m gonna have a proper read of that :+1:

Mind do so much great work.


I’m not taking a break from drinking wine but am taking a break from buying it (EP aside of course…)


Dry so far, but will be back “on it” tomorrow evening. Last night out with friends in Dublin before heading back on Sunday . Hopefully I’ll be able to actually smell and even taste something by then :wink:. I will be partaking in exercise everyday once I kick the lurgy . All prep for snowboarding in March :+1:.


Emphatically not :stuck_out_tongue::wine_glass:


Oh yes, I’ll be taking a break from that all week :+1:


That train has passed at lunchtime on 1 January.


Ah, the joys of working in the NHS in 2020…

The other half got back from her 9-hour half day and grabbed the advocaat: “Sod Dry January, I’m having a snowball.”


Read an interesting piece in The Times today, by a scientist called Graham Lawton, in fact an extract from his book “the science of living better longer”. The bad news is that every unit of alcohol knocks half an hour off your life. The good news is that 20 minutes of exercise adds half an hour. So the take home message is that if you drink you should exercise too. He confirmed research showing there is a relationship between drinking and cancer but within that research those who drank moderately and took at least 7.5 hours exercise of some form decreased their risk of death from cancer and heart disease. Probably time to lie low as the scientists among you pick this apart


Nothing wrong with moderate drinking, forget the science, it is all based on observational research, full of bias and prejudice. Do not feel guilty about having a glass or two or three. Don’t let the health gourou’s have their way, they have a political agenda, not a scientific one. There is no good scientific evidence that moderate drinking is harmful in any situation. Repeat: do not feel guilty about having a glass or two or three of wine!!


Mrs Jos agrees with my statement, but sheds doubt on the effects of two or three glasses of wine, followed by three whiskey’s, followed by a large glass of port… what can I say?


@Oldandintheway - how was the 2002 Barthod?

@Alex88 - I had a bottle of the 2010 Mortet on New Year’s Eve paired with beef bourguignon (the perfect pairing, you’d have thought) but was quite disappointed. I couldn’t detect any perfume or anything at all on the nose really but it was nice on the palate; juicy with a medium+ finish. With burgundy, half the joy (for me, at least) is in the perfume. I thought I may have overchilled it but it didn’t improve over the course. How did you find yours?

I didn’t make any specific notes, but I seem to remember it did start a little muted, but opened up very nicely, and must admit it was enjoyed tremendously by all, although that probably refers more to the palette than the nose, as now you mention it, it might have remained a little closed on the nose. I did open the bottle a few hours before eating, and served at room temperature without any chilling…I think this might have been another bottle of burgundy that made me wonder if I should decant bottles of burgundy with a little age…

Or give burgundy a miss? On Christmas Day we had 2 Pinot Noirs. A 2005 Premier Cru Pernand Vergelesses from Domain Rollin and a 2012 Au Bon Climat ( La Bauge Au Dessus). The American won hands down, both on the nose and palette.

Too often I find red burgundy underwhelming. Maybe I’m not spending enough ( not that I can afford to spend more!) but I just find there is better value in German , American and Kiwi PNs ( especially with bottle age)


I also opened both bottles 7 hours before eating and the burgundy was still muted on the nose and slightly better on the palette.

In the end we didn’t drink it for a number of reasons. We did drink the Fourier Gevrey Clos St Jacques 2003 on Christmas Day which was stunningly good - I must get round to filling in the ‘Best of 2019’ thread with the details.

I think the Mortet just needs a couple more years, the 2007/2008 have been good to go in the last year or so, the 2009 just entering it’s early drinking stages, but at times a little bit reticent, 2010’s are taking their time… Although calling Burgundy drinking dates is very much an art not a science