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Christmas and New Year Drinking Thread 2019

Deliberately kept it simple thanks @JayKay :grin:

Steak and chips followed kiddie bed time, followed by lemon tart, cheese then mince pies.


Steak & chips here too … literally couldn’t face any food so the cava and A sloe gin … I’m trying hard to taste :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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I love Garden Swift (or Garden Tiger as previously known)

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Had the Bollinger in the end…

Lovely and Happy New Year all!


Best wishes to everyone for the coming year and what it has to hold. I saw in the new year with a couple of bottles from Alsace. First up, with crab sandwiches and then a prawn salad…

…was this delicious Riesling. Bags of lovely lime citrus fruit, beautiful fruit / acid balance and perfect weight of flavour. It drinks well on its own but tasted even better with food. Presently available in the clearance sale with a substantial case discount ( £3 per bottle ) it provided excellent value for money too.

With some goose liver pate and then some Epoisses…

…lustrous colour ( like many a wine from Zind-Humbrcht ). Rich nose of gingery orange and tangerine fruit underscored by chalky minerality. Similar flavours on tasting with some pronounced peppery spice too. Acidity cuts through the rich flavours and tempers its considerable residual sweetness ( 55g/l) to provide excellent balance. A spicy medium sweet finish with very good length iced the cake. Still tasting relatively youthful there’s plenty of scope for further development too.

Unfortunately this was Z-H’s last vintage of this wine as the vines were grubbed up, due to disease, and were replanted with riesling.

Finally, gotta agree with @Inbar regarding Boeckel’s Cremant Rose. I took a bottle to friends on Xmas day and we all loved it. Frothy frivolous fun with unusual and delicious fruit flavours. I wish I’d bought more.


Roast suckling pig yesterday, accompanied by a Hungarian Chardonnay. Nothing fancy, decent nevertheless.

Then at midnight some Hungarian vintage fizz (more info here). There is a bit of a sparkling wine revolution going on in Hungary. A lot of still wine makers experimenting with fizz to include in their line up. This is a prime example, could do well in illustrious company. Also paired perfectly at lunch today with the traditional lentil soup and the less traditional butternut squash gnocchi.

Happy New Year! May your vision be 2020!


We hosted a NYE dinner and this was the lineup.


Nice line up! We like that Talmard Macon very much. We’ve only ever tasted the 1990 vintage of Leoville Barton, of which we have one bottle left out an en primeur case of 12. We have loved every bottle and somehow cannot bring ourselves to open the last one just yet. Maybe 2020 will be the year.


Just finishing off the last glass and a half of Taittinger left from last night and wondering slightly wistfully when the next one will come. Then I remembered that my new year resolution was to drink more champagne, so I may not have to wait long at all. The important thing about resolutions is to try your best to stick to them, even if it is tough!


My wife’s sister and her husband over for dinner. A tradition that sees him and I try to beat the previous year’s meal each renewal.

This year it’s my turn so I opened Mattsmoor steakhouse for one night only. 1.55kg porterhouse, 900g Galician dairy bone-in ribeye from Turner and George cooked sous-vide for 2h 30m then finished in cast iron. Parmesan truffle chips, mac and cheese, Stilton hollandaise and bearnaise all from Hawksmoor at Home. Oh, broccoli too. Garnish really.

Opened with this:

Classic and ever-reliable rosé champagne. From a previous Sainsbury’s offer.

First time for me tasting Ruinart. Richer style that I like. BIL has a handy hook-up at LVMH.

Dirty Little Secret is not always easy to find but I picked a few up earlier in the year from Great Western Wine. The FMC is a firm-favourite of all of us so we felt a tasting was appropriate.

The FMC felt more concentrated and tropical than Dirty Little Secret which is a very pure expression. Overall we preferred The FMC but would be interesting to come back to Dirty Little Secret after a few years.

100% Sangiovese. Incredibly sophisticated and complex. Tannins in lovely balance. A wonderful wine. Great Western Wine.

Finished with this Super Tuscan

Super VFM. Black fruit with refinement and structure. Lay and Wheeler.

Hope every has a wonderful 2020.


An excellent plan, @Andy999! As J M Keynes is often quoted as saying… 'My only regret is that I have not drunk more champagne in my life.’

I completely agree with your New Year’s resolution and have taken liberal advantage in the Society’s recent offer and from Waitrose too. Chin chin!


I bet Milton Friedman never said anything like that.

Which, to my mind, puts that economic argument to rest :clinking_glasses:


As a former resident of Milton Keynes I’d say there is merit in both​:nerd_face::partying_face:


And also " in the long run we are all dead"…in caustic response to some economists’ use of the term ‘long run’. I keep reminding myself of this when wondering whther to drink ‘that bottle’…go for it!


Another very enjoyable Hogmanay party for a dozen of us finishing around 3am, then dinner for four of us today.

We had these with the buffet last night:

which went well with the variety of food and cheese.

Brought in the bells with these:

I liked the Savoie for being totally uncomplicated. My wife prefers the yeastier nature of champagne…sadly!

Today we had this

Which was very pleasant, though had a hard task to partner both smoked salmon and pheasant terrrine!

and this with roast rib of beef with pearl barley & mushroom risotto

More harmonious than last bottle. Dense in colour still, mid crimson with no browning, plum fruits on nose and palate with earthy, mushroomy hints too, so went well with the food. Some fine tannins and acidity too, lacks the typical Pomerol sweetness, but a good wine, and definitely more integrated than previous bottle.

I think this will drink for a while yet due to the tannin backbone. Hopefully the fruit will stay too. Four or five left.


Happy New Year everyone! We drank some Grabenwerkstatt Wachauwerk GV 2017 (it sold out, so we wanted to save a bottle to drink on a special occasion) and we toasted the new year in with The Society’s Exhibition English Sparkling Wine NV!

I also had a lovely half bottle of Nyetimber Classic Cuvee Brut NV on Christmas Eve, all to myself (my family were all drinking different things, I wasn’t just sitting on my own!) :grin:


Beem in the states for Christmas. Didn’t have all that much wine, plenty of delicious IPAs tho.

Did find a great wine shop near Boston however which helped me pick the Christmas wines for a rather good ham. I was surrounded by moderate drinkers so most of this magnum got polished off by me :see_no_evil:

White was a Loire Sauvignon, didn’t take a pic but good. Both worked well. Port also good.

Happy New Year to all. Anyone doing dry January?..


We opened this 1999 Rosso di Toscana yesterday with some trepidation, due to very mixed reviews both on this forum and on the website:

Thankfully there was nothing to worry about. This was an utterly lovely 20 year old wine. Deep ruby, with definite brick tinge on the rim, the nose was all pot-pourri, dried rose petals and prunes; the palate was more assertive, with dried cherries, prunes, dried herbs, liquorice and dark chocolate. A touch of spice too (clove, we thought). Tannins were smooth and quite ‘dusty’, in that nice Italian way, and although there was definitely discernible acidity there, there was nothing sour or unbalanced about it. It wasn’t the most complex red in the world, but it was a generous and interesting wine nevertheless.

I suppose it’s possible that there was some bottle variation and some people got unlucky - or that the somewhat rustic style didn’t suit some members, but we found this incredibly enjoyable, and it perfectly matched the robustness of meatballs in tomato sauce.


When the other half told her work colleagues she was planning a dry January, they were, how shall I put it, not supportive :laughing:

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Will you be joining her…?