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Choosing for the enomatics


Email from TWS received today, not sure if everyone has had it?

From Monday 24th September, we’ll be changing the contents of the Fine Wine enomatic to a selection of eight bottles all chosen by you, the members, and the wines will be available to taste for a fortnight.

To have your wine featured, all you have to do is send your suggestion back to us by Friday 7th September by emailing showroom@thewinesociety.com. Make your choice from any wine between £15 and £100 in our List, Fine Wine List or website.

Feel free to send more than one choice (we’ll only pick one wine per member out of fairness) and when we’ve decided on which eight wines we’ll be featuring in the machine we’ll email the members who made the suggestion to let them know – so keep an eye on your inbox!


Ooh yes, I heard about this! Are you sending in a suggestion?! :smiley:


This is a great idea! I’m off to look through the wish list :slight_smile:


This one is my suggestion…


This would be mine:

Fantastic wine! :ok_hand:


Away for the weekend, but I’ll go through the list (the printed one, to refer back to another thread!) next week.


Um nope LOL but let’s not go there …!! :wink: