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Chilean wine on the up

Interesting mail shot on Chilean wine today.

Good to read the regional guide by @Toby.Morrhall, too.

Need to try more Carmenere. I think it is a divisive variety. I have enjoyed the ones I tried so far. Despite or maybe due to the slight bitter edge.

The Society’s Exhibition Colchagua Carmenère 2016 - Vintage 2019 available now

Koyle Cerro Basalto Cuartel G2 Carmenère 2017 - Vintage 2019 available now.


It’s a very good review.

The strange thing about Chile (well, there are many strange things about it) is that, at least with regards wine, a 1km move to the East/West can have a bigger climactic influence than a 100km move to the North/South. If you want to see what I mean, Toby refers to wine growing in Chile Chico in his piece - look at google maps if you want to see exactly how far south it is. It is actually further south than the (northern bit of) the northern Patagonian Ice Cap.

Good to see Cousino-Macul getting a mention - the point about their vineyards being swallowed up by Santiago is very apt. You can travel to the vineyard on the metro!


Not a cheap example (and not on the list at the moment), but I really enjoyed this one last month, and it’s got me browsing the Chile section a little bit more:


I am not a big fan of the Carmenere’s that I have tried, but remain open minded and will try some more. I did though receive a case of Gandolini Las 3 Marias 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from one of my TWS Vintage Cellar Plans a little while ago and blimey that is a lovely wine. Quite robust but very structured and complex. Well done TWS on introducing me to a wine that is on a different level to anything else I have tried from Chile.


The same here and was of the same opinion :+1:


With you on this.

Chilean Carignan on the other hand can do one :nauseated_face: (admitted, 100% based on the strenght of a couple of bottles on Undurraga TH a few years ago. I notice that one no longer seems to be listed…)

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I’ll admit to being a real sucker for the Tesco Finest at £8: https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/268733309

Lovely stuff, quite graphitey and, IMO, much better than more expensive versions sold there such Errazuriz Max, which I find confected and sickly.

The Majestic Definition Carmenere is also good in my opinion. Quite lean and fresh compared to some examples.

While our Chile offer is live, I thought I’d share Toby Morrhall’s Ultimate Guide To Chilean Wine, in case anyone is interested to have a read:

The Ultimate Guide To Chilean Wine | The Wine Society

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which is also shared in the opening post, but it is always good to remind people

Oh quite right @szaki1974!

Looking for some advice. Has anyone ever been to the vineyards in Chile or would make any recommendations for a visit?