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Chile Walkaround Tasting


Is anyone going to be at the Chile Walkaround tasting tonight in London? Or tomorrow in Birmingham? I’ll be pouring in London and have just had a look at the wines that will be there.

I’m particularly looking forward to trying these!

WS Chile Tasting

I’m looking forward to the Chile wine tasting in Birmingham tonight. Anybody else attending? I’ll report back.


Hi @wineyg - just added your post to @Catherine’s - so it’s all under one topic. Hope that’s OK… :blush:


Make sure you try the Cono Sur! :heart_eyes:


Yep, no problem. Social media contributions are not my strong suit. Thanks.


I believe it’s the content not the form that matters most! :wink:


That’s me down on two counts, then.



I was going to go, then the good lady volunteered me for taxi services to daughters swimming class :grimacing:


As promised above - report from Chile Birmingham tasting.

The wines were of a consistently good to excellent quality - and I’m fussy! It was one of the best WS tasting selections I’ve experienced recently. Well done WS.

Surprise of the evening and my favourite wine was the Merlot from Concho y Toro Terrunyo Lot 1 at £22. (Sorry, don’t know how to upload pic. Mentors, over to you).

Room was right size for the turn out which I thought was low. Host (Mike ?) kept the speech brief and avoided stating the ‘bleedin’ obvious’. Thanks.

Good to speak to the producers as always and all the pourers were polite.

Very enjoyable evening.

Suggestion - large scale maps identifying areas/estate locations, perhaps.


Forgot to add - have already placed order!!


Thanks Inbar! That was prompt mentoring!

“Oh true apothecary, thy drugs are quick” (R & J 5 : 3)


Ha ha ! thanks :slight_smile:

Hope my end is better than them two!

Sounds like the tasting was a really good event! :grinning:

I recently had the cheaper Concha Y Toro Merlot - and my god, it was beautiful!

I’m now curious about the one you mentioned… looks like it’s going in the wishlist! :+1:


My notes: Fresh, blackcurrant leaf on palate, cedar, white pepper finish, complex.


I went along as well (with @wineyg, as it happens) and agree with all he has said.

My suggestion would be to consider pre-areation of some of the wines. I appreciate that using decanters is problematic but perhaps pouring out of the bottle and then back would help?

The first wine I tried was the Neyen and it was much improved an hour later after the constant tipping of the bottle had areated the wine.