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Chianti, moving backwards!

I’ve just read this morning that Chianti have changed their rules to now allow 9g/RS in their wine making. This apparently is to become more appealing to foreign markets… WHAT?? I guess we will all be pushed to Chianti classico now.
I feel this is a bit backward and surely with the permitted grapes already allowed for blending there wasn’t any need for this. Appealing to the US and Asian markets perhaps??


There has always been a large amount of pretty awful Chianti about on supermarket shelves across the world. That is not to say that there aren’t good examples from the general Chianti zone made with care and attention.

Old school thin and weedy replaced by sweet and soupy - don’t know what is worse!

Some wines are fairly safe bets to be at least drinkable (if dull) off the shelf of your local supermarket, but Chianti is worth being cautious about. Still there are lots of really nice wines out there, but I’d stick to ordering from the W/S or an Italian specialist for nice wines.

The W/S Chianti Rufina is about as cheap as you get for drinkable Chianti and that is nearly a tenner.


Two different markets. It’s a well known brand, so makes sense to capitalise on that. The few of us who know about wine will buy the good stuff anyway.


Who knows, maybe a sprinkle of sugar will make the grottiest examples a bit more palatable :laughing:


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I’m no expert on these matters. But catering for foreign tastes has always been a problem for producers.

Champagne is an obvious example. I understand it was the English that wanted the bubbles whereas Rev Perignon was depressed with his bursting bottles. So our glass makers came up with a new bottle for him.

More recently, some producers were sniffy about the back label. New World producers had no qualms. They all adapt in time.

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Huh ? translation please.

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9 grams per litre of residual sugar.

Canny pitch for the Chinese market, I think.

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