Chianti - learning curve

Good evening ‘wine mind’; I’m as usual after some advice. I’m going to be drinking this at the weekend:

To decant, or not to decant, that is the question.

Normally I’d decant most of the medium / full bodied reds that I tend to drink and leave for about an hour with the stopper in; I try before decanting and afterwards and to my mind there’s a discernible difference (for the better). Is this likely to be appropriate for this Chianti? I’m continuing with my vinous exploration to broaden my horizons and have enjoyed the Italian wines that I’ve tried and am looking forward to learning more. I am certainly relishing the ‘practical element’ of my studies! Thanks.

With this wine decanting will make little difference. It’s a lovely wine. But what I would do with this is pour a glass an hour before you drink the rest. Enjoy the glass then alow the rest to breath in the bottle.
Enjoy :wink:

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That is one of my favourite Society wines. I’ve never decanted it but it does take a few moments to open up. Then again Ive never met an Italian red that didn’t benefit from decanting

Definite decant

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Thanks all. Decant it is then. Will sample on opening then + 30 mins & + 60 mins.


I usually (although perhaps not always wise) don’t decant in a decanter but ‘decant’ in glass, the glasses I use are quite wide and so after a bit of swirling and aeration the wine does then start to evolve.

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This wine does open up after a bit of air. I use a milk jug for less grand occasions as it is dishwasher proof. Nice wine and good value!

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That’s kind of what I do. If I think it needs a bit of air, I just swirl it about loads.

I get fed up with washing out and cleaning decanters, so I should start using a jug of some sort. I once used a measuring jug to decant a wine (might have been Port) that had thrown a deposit. It went well until I realised that 75cl of wine will never fit into a 50cl measuring jug in one go. Decanting was therfore aborted halfway through, which doesn’t really work… :thinking:

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So you knocked back half a pint of port to make it fit, didn’t you! Go on, admit it, we won’t tell anyone…


If you like the milk association, you could try these (a fantastic idea by a friend of mine)

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Well, put it this way, it didn’t end up down the kitchen sink!


I quite like this!

Cleaning nightmare ?? :rofl:, definitely go with the milk bottle decanter :+1:

The best thing for cleaning decanters is lead shot. I have been using the same shot that a friend gave me in 1987 and you won’t need anything else. It removes tannin without any problems, leaving your decanter sparklingly clear. I’d imagine the decanter in the pic could be a bit of a mare to clean though.

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Yes I have some and a very bendy type of device that twists in all types of directions :rofl:, I believe decanter cleaning skills should be allowed on ones cv :joy:.

Talking of bendy type things and lead shot etc (and I have displayed this on another thread) this would fill all criteria for decanter functions imho

Ugh! :fearful: though on the plus side, you can just empty it lying down!! :grinning: