Chianti Classico

I have been a member of TWS for over 20 years and have always been fond of The Society’s Exhibition Chianti Classico. In the exhibition range they have most of the popular grapes and regions but alas no Chianti. Does anyone know as to why this is the case I think it must be at least two years maybe more since it was availible.


Who used to make it for the society?

There does appear to be Society Chianti Ruffina - not Classico and not in the exhibition range.

The selection of branded chiantis the society stocked is excellent though - Fontodi, Isole e Olena, Castello di Ama, Volpaia and Felsina is an impressive range of blue chip producers


Poggiopiano. It was a really good stand-by – delicious and only £10.50 a bottle five years ago.

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I’ve never been struck by any of Poggiopiano’s wines, to be honest. There are too many better options (for my palate, at least). Maybe Sarah felt the same…?

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The Isole & Olena are better every year has become my favourite


Many years ago TWS sourced their Society’s Chianti Classico from a vinyard just outside Panzano, possibly Casaloste or Vignamaggio. It was excellent and I was very sorry when it was dropped in favour of the Chianti Ruffina. I think the Classico vinyard may have changed hands. My wife and I with another couple had a splendid lunch at the property which ended with some wonderful vin santo on the house. The bill for four was 0.5 million Lira!


I’m a fan of Casaloste. Good value and enjoyable off the bat

Have you tried the 2016 recently? I had a bottle a few weeks ago and it has really come into its own now, with some noticeable development - a beautiful wine (and further evidence that 2016 is a brilliant vintage for Tuscany).


the 2018 def took some time to settle. I think I&O is not one for immediate consumption

No 2016 left :smile:
Currently drinking 19, superb!


Had a few bottles of the 19 and I must say it was a delight and hard to leave some for future.
Since then I got an extra case.

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Ah - sorry to hear that. Happily I bought 2 full cases of the 2016 and have ‘only’ drunk 15 bottles so far….


We’ll have less of that, thank you.

Been drinking I&O for years (even visited the vineyard once). A real gem and still great VFM, so don’t let the cat out of the bag.

They make a fabulous vinsanto now and then, if you ever get the chance, do try it.


Now been bought by the luxury goods Co EPI - let’s hope they keep the standards up.

I had 2010 Cepparello last weekend which was great


Ugh that’s unfortunate. I imagine the only thing that will be going up are the prices. Barbarians at the vines.

I rest my case


Better than Fontodi …??

To my palate yes and fontodi is still one of the all time greats in my book !
It says something

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Ooh - now there’s a question. I think my preference depends on mood/food but in general I’d say young Isole tops young Fontodi, but with age Fontodi edges ahead.

Cepparello vs Vigna de Sorbo…?