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Chianti Classico 2015 query


We’ve drunk and enjoyed the Society’s Exhibition Chianti Classico before, so with 2015 being such a good vintage generally I thought it would be a no brainer and bought a couple of bottles. Since then I’ve looked at the member reviews of it, some of which are less than flattering, which wasn’t what I was expecting. However I think I’ve also seen the Society promoting it. What’s the score with this one ? My current plot is to leave it a while and hope that it will prove worth the wait. Any views ?


I would think it still needs time, drinking to 2025 according to TWS. TWS has stocks of Fontodi and Riecine both of which I’ve preferred to the exhibition in the past.


I tried one last month and it was nice but didn’t light my fire:

However, a couple of replies downthread agree with @Russ that it might need time, so I’m leaving my other bottle in the Not Yet rack for a year or three :+1:


Yes, I think I’ll be hanging on to it for a while … and not having too high expectations, which is a shame given the vintage. Interesting about the other two, but they are 40%+ more expensive so a quality difference isn’t a big surprise.