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Cheese Course

read that as ‘human cheese’ the first time…I know you can get breast milk ice cream…but breast milk brie…

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we have managed, over the years, to persuade several of our neighbours to look at white wines with cheese! I will make the wine choice based on what we decide to go with…

At this stage of the evening I dont normally bring out anything “amazing” as it is a bit wasted (as are the guests!) - but we do have many other gatherings over the year so they all get “from the bottom of the cellar” as its described!..we do a port evening - light starter followed by lots of cheese with a few bottles of port, some stickies, and white wines…one of our favourite evenings as its easy, very sociable and its cheese!

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it does ! had a fabulous Irish brie…and cashel blue is a fav too. any recommendations ?

6 nations…we have the home nations covered and can cover language for France and Italy…

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Gubbeen , should be able to get it at a specialist cheese monger . Also Cashel blue is fab , one of my brothers makes an amazing soup with this in it :yum:


What, their own names! Must be a good party that!!


Durrus and Cooleeny are good too.

We have a great cheesemaker about 15 minutes drive away, who sell from the farm. The hard goat’s cheese is great, as is the Brie like one, as well as their traditional Dunlop - i get half of one every Christmas, which usually lasts til early Feb!


And @JamesF, you definitely need to persuade your neighbours to drink more white wine with cheese. Alsace Gewurz and PG are made for it, especially washed rind and some harder cheeses.


seems I can buy the “bonnet” online :slight_smile:

Not put Gewurz with cheese myself but have PG.

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Gewurz is good with soft goat, as well, or indeed almost any cheese.

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It does work with most, except probably some blue cheeses.

Their cheeses are very nice. Stocked by quite a few places round here, and saw one of them in Neal’s Yard at Borough Market last month.

Gewurz and cheese are a match made in heaven.


Do it like the Alsatians - Gewurz, Munster cheese and caraway seeds on the side. As served in every winstub in the region.

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As far as I am concerned that is where they belong and where they should stay… :wink: Maybe that I had too much caraway seed flavoured thin soup when I was a kid…


For me Caraway ruins any food


seconded !

Scrub that one, then! Confusingly, the French word “cumin” seems to cover both caraway and cumin, and it doesn’t just confuse tourists, as I’ve also been served cumin on occasion.

Boursin in celery canoos, served with piat d,or.

I’ll get my beret…