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Cheese Course



Help needed…

Will soon be our courtyard “safari supper” consisting of 5 courses at the 5 houses…

  • canapés , starter, main, dessert, cheese

We have the cheese course, which sounds a right cop-out but…we’ve had the cheese course 3 times before and simply putting some cheese out is not going to cut it - we’ve done cheddars of the British Isles (served with the dessert of fig cake), roquefort mousse, and one I can’t remember (good night long time ago!)

unsurprisingly, no real issues with wine to go with anything - port (many styles), stickies, etc etc.

Any ideas for what we can do ? thanks !


Pecorino with truffle honey is sublime


Make a game of it? e.g. Guess the country! - Somerset vs Normandy brie etc etc


Or just do Cheeses we don’t yet have a trade agreement with :astonished::astonished: #Cheesxit


How about “inspired by cheese” cheeses :cheese:

  1. Dairylea Triangles
  2. Primula (with shrimp)
  3. Babybel

This could also be referred to “cheeses of the 80s and 90s” :+1:


Take a walk through history and different cheese styles with some of those featured in a Cheesemonger’s History of the British Isles. An entertaining and fascinating read.


I’d just like to say, right now, that I love cheese. Love it.

Imagine a world without cheese. It just doesn’t bear thinking about.


Not sure whether this would go at the traditional stage you normally find a cheese course, but is legendary and challenging


was what we did with the cheddar - worked really well

we had thought about doing the same with brie


so any non-uk cheese then!


my wife has reminded me…by this time in the evening most people have trouble remembering their names let alone guessing where a cheese comes from !


have thought about a soufflé’…will try over the next couple of weeks and see if we think it would fit…

although it comes back to last post…by this time in the evening do we want to be cooking!?!


Or any country we DO have a trade agreement with.


Swiss cheeses it is then !


You’re welcome :wink::wink::joy:


And, for the moment, Scotland and Ireland…


Deftness, precision and timing after 4 pish stops! It’s asking a lot.

How about a history of human cheese-making through civilisation - start with goat, onto sheep, then cow cheese


And Ireland have some FABULOUS cheeses :wink:
Just thought of another theme @JamesF, how about a 6 nations cheese boards with tacky flags ??


Plenty of lovely cheeses are better suited to a white wine - at this stage in your evening, will people want to go ‘back’ to a white? Or will you focus on matching reds and fortified/sweet wines?


Then put them in the cold shower and turn on the Dyson hyperfan…