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Cheap white wine

Looking for a dry white wine for summer drinking. What are your favourites up to £6?

I should add that the reason I was asking is following a Wine of the Week from Tom Cannanvan - Oxford Landing SB - which is £6, and I wondered if TWS could match/beat it!

Edt 2: I think we’ll allow up to £7!

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From TWS I’d try this.

Not had it, but have enjoyed other Pecorinos…

Edit: Aaargh, sorry, I didn’t realise it was another half bottle


Behind a paywall but here goes

TWS only has three under £6 (full bottles) so you’ll probably have to head for a supermarket.

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Wow - OK, maybe I have to up the budget to £7! :wink:

I wonder what Cantoiseau Blanc is like…

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Surprisingly nice for the low price, believe it or not.

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If you can stretch to £7.50 the Turkheim Pinot Blanc, at £90 per dozen this week, would be a great choice.


I’ve had that, it was perfectly drinkable. In fact I enjoyed it far more than a £19 Oregon Pinot Blanc we had at the weekend which I did not get on with at all.

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This is very good for a fiver.
Just sayin’ :grin:


I do believe it!

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Reviews seem to back up that recommendation Cantoiseau Blanc, Vin de France


I think this is the best cheap white on the TWS list


Mmm. Don’t think the Mrs would like that if it really is representative of those grapes! Looking for something fairly flavourless/neutral - like Chablis or Muscadet (IYSWIM)

I will gladly add my vote to the Cantoiseau Blanc (really is fantastically fresh and easy-drinking for the price!) but I also put a vote in for these:

Really doesn’t feel like you’re drinking a £6.50 wine - an awful lot of flavour for the price!

Very summery, lovely to sip in the garden

Someone else mentioned the Turkheim Pinot Blanc and that’s one of our house whites! :smiley: It is a bit pricier though at £8.50, but well worth it.


I’d personally do a supermarket Vino Verdhe - you can’t really go wrong with them IMO.

The Fauno Blanco from ND John is nice-for-the-money too. But not flavourless particualrly!

I drink a lot of San Pellegrino now that Badoit is not around; about £1 a bottle.

Tesco Finest St Mont, £6.50, is pretty good, and you can stock up when it’s 25% off, which brings it below a fiver.


Well, the “flavourless” comment was slightly in jest!

If the budget can stretch, then this is a lot of fun as a summer white wine…


Interesting you suggest that - I’ve bought a lot of that, and the red version - but from Decantalo (or suchlike) at a stupidly low price (all-in)… Trouble is, we don’t really like it that much! :wink:

Here: Hortas do Caseirinho Frisante White Sparkling

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If that’s the case, and if there’s a degree of budgetary flex, I think the Diez Siglos Rueda Verdejo is a whole lot of wine for the money. A lot going on for the £7.50ish it often is.