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Chave Hermitage 2017

Looks like the 2017s are up at a slight price reduction on the 2016s, and still under ‘market’:


Too bad you need to buy 6 to pop into reserves :weary:

Edit: but they have also placed a 12 bottle limit :+1:


happy to pass :slight_smile:

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This is one issue that really gets my goat!!! :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
It would be a real service to members to be allowed to place smaller (possibly 3 bottles) of higher priced wines into reserves. :pray:
I do applaud placing limits on wines, to preclude “the Trade” taking advantage of the Society regarding our more commercially attractive wines. I would ask the Society to have an internal logarithm, to look at a potential purchaser of these wines to have an “across the board” purchase history, rather one that was predicated on Cherry Picking!! :open_mouth: :+1: :dragon:


Maybe we should start a syndicate to buy a case of six. I can afford a quarter bottle! :joy::rofl:


Easy pass

I “found” a bottle go Chave Hermitage Blanc 1996 in my cellar.
Not too sure why it’s not been drunk or where it was from (TWS mixed Rhone case is the most likely origin) - drink it now would seem a good idea?
Anyone ever had it or similar?

It’s probably off best to send it over to me for safe disposal :innocent:


JLL put’s the the final drink date as 2017, and Parker states 10-15years in 1999 (available from Farr’s tasting note library), although more recent reviews from cellartracker seem far more positive, with many suggesting another 5-10yrs of life, and by all accounts the Chave white’s seem to go on almost for ever, so might not be too much rush!

:joy: :joy:
actually it’s 1994!


Even better! Views on the 94 make an even better case for no rush to drink:

Parker’s Review Here

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Any suggestions as to what I should eat with it?

I think JLC says something creamy in the podcast I heard. It’s not going to be exactly high acid…

Yes! Creamy, rich fish dish I reckon.

yes, turbot / brill would pair well…

or mushroom risotto / creamy based pasta?

Yes, worth a listen to the Chave episode of IDTT. He spends quite a bit of time talking about his Hermitage Blanc, how it goes to sleep at 10 years until 15 years, then rewards the patience! I reckon you found this at the right time! Make sure you report back.


Hi there
I saw your comment earlier in the week and did a little digging. The current policy is that if a wine is sold in restricted quantities, then we do allow members to place single bottles into reserves. The Chave red is restricted, so that would apply here (not the white, sadly). So if you’re still feeling keen you can give Member Services call, and they can take care of that for you. I know that’s not answering the wider complaint - but hope that helps.


Thank you for that, appreciated!! :clap: :clap:
Certainly news to me. :wink: :+1: :dragon:

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Yes that is great news and very sensible. Still not getting any 2017 chave though!

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Not knowing that has saved me a lot of money over the last decade! But very happy to know now, so thanks.