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Chateau Musar, advice


Ooo looks like we have a new member of the Musar fan club! Hi there, @Stanford, welcome!


My pleasure. I replied to your email directly. Musar is one of the best and best value unsung wines in the world. The 2012 is fabulous but so too 09, 05, 99 and 94 to name but four!

In passing, is it possible for the Society to put the Community icon at the top of the main website page?


I now have 99, 00, 01, 02, 04 09 10, 11, 12 :smiley:

So I’m fairly convinced! I’m relatively new to Musar and Lebanon in general and have come to love it.

Re the community link it used to be at the top but it got moved; there are moves to get it moved back! Sometime!


What’s the view on the 08 and the 10?


I’m going to crack a 10 soon, been waiting for a friend to come round to share it with as he will appreciate it. It was low volume due to difficult year (see the PDF on the musar website for more info). Not tried my 08 yet.

@MikeFranklin dont miss out on 03. It was great even when first released, a divisive but fantastic wine.


Majestic have some 2001 at £24 for “Black Friday”. Not a bargain but decent value. Apparently this was in waitrose in the recent sale but unless purchased in store you never know what vintages arrive when ordering online


Bloody hot, that’s what I remember! Certainly on the coast anyway - still hitting 30 degrees in November it was, and no air con in our flat :sweat_smile:

Must have been murder for the grapes. I’d love to try one though.


Yes, I got the 2001 in store recently.


Had the 08 from halves. Seems like a warm vintage but still too young for me, I think, even from halves. That’s why I was interested in anyone else’s take.


I love the 08. Prefer it to 07 and 09. I usually store Musar and drink some years after purchase (still have a couple of 95s) but 08 was wonderful on release when “young”, with a gorgeous fruitcake richness. It’s since become more recognisable as Musar, perhaps. 08 is certainly my favourite of the recent releases (altho haven’t tried 12 yet). FWIW, 06 (released late) is my least favourite and, I think, a difficult vintage as they held it back and then co-released with another (was it 09 or 10?) to slightly bury it in the market.


Thanks! I’ve enjoyed it too - just felt it isn’t quite ready yet. Certainly seems more in the line of the wonderful 05 than other recent vintages. I had the 06 once - felt it was disappointingly like a Bordeaux, i.e. boring :smiley: But with Musar you never know how these things develop! The 10 seems to get mixed feedback - obviously another difficult vintage, for the opposite reason as the 06.


2006 and 2010 vintages are fantastic in my opinion. 2006 being really something special as the ‘war vintage’ and only recently released last year I think.

However I’ve noticed that Musar is slowly creeping up in price over the last few years. I always get at least 3 bottles of each vintage but not sure how long I’d continue this for if it eventually hit the £30 mark. It’s a difficult one because these wines are unique and great to collect however seeing as you can get relatively mature vintages for only a couple of quid more than new vintages now does make you think about value.


Noticed that too. About 10 years ago was paying significantly less per bottle and its risen by a £1 or £2 every year since, but then what hasn’t I guess. Even my cat’s favourite catfood has shot up in price to my dismay when I placed an order yesterday :tired_face:


All true. But if you compare it to what’s happened to Burgundy, N Rhône and Barolo it still seems almost a bargain for what is IMO one of the world’s great wines. I’ll be sad when Musar goes out of my league like the above have, but if course it’s inevitable.


Same experience here, I thought I ordered the 2003, but the 2001 was delivered from Waitrose.


At least you got Musar - not a substitute of Wolf Blass yellow label:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Me three.


One of the things I don’t like about Waitrose wine online, they don’t seem to care about what vintage they send out. A friend of mine bought a few bottles and half bottles of Musar and got a mix of three different vintages (which he really liked)


Yes that really puts me off and consequently I’ve never bought wine online from them. I sort of want to know what I’m ordering. I don’t fancy thinking I’m buying a '10 Bordeaux and receiving a '13!


Difference with Musar is that they’re all good, just different :smile: I actually quite like the pot luck element with Moose.