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Chateau Musar, advice


They might be, but they are also indigenous Lebanese grapes. Interestingly they are planted on their native vinifera rootstock too.


I’ve met Jane (and done a similar tasting before), she’s great! Nice to hear the 12 is tasting good already, I’m going to open a 10 at Christmas I think.


Anyone had the 09 white (I think Majestic have it?) I had a couple of great bottles of the 01, but then a couple of oxidised ones, and haven’t revisited the white since.

Btw, does anyone know the last vintage in which Musar had some Brett? Definitely not this century in my experience… Maybe 97 or 98?


I found the 2002 had some brett.


Definitely 93, maybe 97 but my memory is hazy…

I am not a fan of the white.


I have a mag of the 97. I’ll let you know at christmas.


Haven’t had the 2002, I don’t think. Seems odd that it crept in that year when there was definitely none in the preceding three at least and has never been any since, but then what do I know about winemaking?!


I tried to buy a few bottles of the white for Christmas last year from Majestic but my local store didn’t have it and HQ were useless. Might try again this year, hopefully new ownership improve things.

Slightly OT but does anybody know if Sainsbury’s will be stocking Tourelles for Christmas again this year? I only knew as a wine critic put it on social media last year, and despite repeated attempts to check availability with Sainsburys got nowhere with their customer services who were beyond useless. I lucked out on 2 bottles at £10 each in the end (bargain), wish id bought 6 with 25% off.


Well, probably.

José Vouillamoz (co-author of Wine Grapes) has analysed the DNA of some samples, and they did not match any other known varieties. But the work is not yet published, and not fully accepted scientifically.

Alternative theories are that they are Cardonnay and Semillon, or related to those grapes


I’ve just checked in an online concordance (including with some alternative spellings), and apparently not.


@MalcolmV where did you hear about that tasting? Trade contact?


Jane runs UK (EU?) Musar office. When I went my local indie wine shop had booked her to do the tasting. I think they do quite a few things like that at merchants around the country.


I’m part of a tasting group in Dulwich which gets guests in every week to present wines. The group has a long relationship with Jane. If anyone lives or works in south east London you are welcome to join. We meet every Wednesday evening.


Just had an email from Roberson with 2000, 2004 and 2012 at ‘offer prices’, although 04 is £40…


There are still 43 cases of this left at Berry Bros, one in my cellar paid from account credit (free, right?). Especially interested in how the white does, was meaning to try aged Musar white for a long time now.


The Musar collection case is now on its third iteration and has 3 bottles of the 2012 and 3 bottles of the 2009.


I wonder if we have a consensus on decanting times?

I know most are of the opinion that Musar needs a substantial amount of air (I’ve seen suggestions of anywhere from a couple of hours to an overnight decant) but what would be the preferred time for say, a 1999?

Conventional wisdom would suggest that too long a decant might kill an old wine (I suppose what constitutes an “old” wine is another topic for debate).


My experience has been that even the '99 drunk not long ago benefited a lot from a good hour or so in decanter. It actually looked and tasted more tired immediately after it was poured than it did two hours later! It opened up in decanter and came together more.


I’d give it at least a few hours, and would expect to have a glass (or more if it’s singing!) and leave the rest for the next day.


It keeps for up to 30 years! Only released when ready. Try the stunning 2012 before it sells out as it is on a par with 1994, 1999, 2005, 2009!