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Chateau Musar, advice


Just listening to the ‘I’ll drink to that’ podcast with Serge Hochar… it is fascinating. (apologies if it was already mentioned)

I am addicted to volatile acidity (Serge Hochar)

Now I really want to try an old bottle of Musar white and also will try and track down a 1984 red…


ooh, will listen to that later!

I want a 1985 red as it was my birth year, I’ve seen one for sale once but for more than i was willing to pay. The old whites are meant to be amazing. I’m disappointed the society doesn’t stock the latest white release. Still hope to make it to Lebanon next year or the year after, when funds allow :tired_face:


Maybe if there was a bit of interest we could organise a community BYO Musar Dinner? I have an 89 red and white that are looking for a suitable occasion to open


Just listened - fascinating stuff!


He’s so Lebanese! I love that accent.

What other crops are grown in the Bekaa…?

Ha! Serge didn’t mention the other, er, cash crop that features up there… :dizzy_face:

I never normally listen to this kind of thing but that was a great podcast, thanks for sharing.

Makes me want to go back and live there again.


It’s a really good podcast - he gets into the human side of viticulture and viniculture (as well as a lot of technical detail), some fascinating interviewees.


I would be SO THERE for this!!! Feel free to scout for interest in the Get Involved category if you like…


For anyone interested, BBR have this currently on sale:


It may yet come down further, as I think I paid a little less when I bought one of these in one of last years sales…


Oh this is so tempting…but I’ve spent so much on wine recently…I really…must…show…some…willpower…


I, too, would love some but even if I was a white drinker it would be too far outside of my acceptable price range!


Yeah, it’s much too expensive, but then when will the opportunity to buy a couple of 1989’s come up again…? I’m trying to remain strong but can you tell I’m persuading myself otherwise…:thinking:


Never yet met anyone who didn’t like Musar, and most have loved it. Maybe I just know odd people.

I don’t agree it’s “dialled up to 11”. I think it’s a subtle and even ethereal wine.

Certainly would keep brilliantly for a week - I’ve never managed more than 3 or 4 days. But usually it isn’t even drinking well till the second day. I normally try to open a bottle and have just one glass the first day.


I think I’ve said it before on here but the Musar UK rep’s told me to decant the 2003 the night before I wanted to drink it! I didn’t in the end as I cant bring myself to do it as it seems wrong even though it clearly is right.


Just do it…

I went to a Majestic tasting a few years back which featured a Musar, possibly 2003 but can’t be sure. Anyway, lots of people were trying it first up and many not liking it. I hung around for an hour, then got a glass and poured it between the glass and another glass for about 5 minutes to open it up, and it was good. I then spotted a bottle that they had opened earlier and it was even better. All the rather singular feral odours had gone and it was just beginning to open out. I told the staff they should have opened it the day before.


Usually open first thing in the morning for an evening drink and decant about 3 hours before hand. Seems to work well.

Had an 03 last weekend and had forgotten to open by lunch time. A triple decant deemed necessary and by dinner time it was showing beautifully. Sister and BIL completely taken and there are now 2 more Musar converts.


And the 2003 Is maybe the most open-for-business of all the vintages I’ve drunk :slight_smile:


Did anything come of this? I’ve organised countless “musarathons” in the past but it’s been a while since the last one.
I tend to find Turkish “Ocakbasi” style food works well, and is also generally affordable with restaurants happy to do a deal on corkage.


I don’t think anyone started a topic scouting for interest in the end. :disappointed_relieved:
By all means start one in the Get Involved category with a poll and we’ll see who else is interested? You’ll get your first ‘yes’ vote from me, that’s for sure - and probably @MrLaura too . :wink:


If not a Musar BYO dinner then maybe a Lebanese one, in which I’m sure Musar would feature significantly!


That would be good. Some Ksara, Kefraya, Tourelles etc.

Id come to a community Musar dinner if it wasn’t too far away, but I’ve drunk a lot of my older bottles as I don’t have proper long term storage (and even those were just early 00’s ones not old).