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Chateau Musar, advice


I can empathise with the ‘not two nights in a row’…there must be another Musar lover within range though? Where is it you live again?? :slight_smile:


It’s about an hour in every direction to Civilisation…!


That’s my kind of place…sound of duelling banjoes in background…


I’ll be near Yeovil for a fair while around Christmas if you fancy a drink irl (Musar or otherwise)!


Not sure I understand. People I give Musar to, generally love it - unless they’re wine experts!


Interesting vintage chart - thanks.

I was at a tasting last weekend and tried the current release (2011), the 2000 and the 1998; for me the 2000 was the standout wine of the trio, just singing perfectly. Also tried the white and there is so much going on in that wine - I can see why it divides opinion, a definite “marmite” wine.

I need to pick up a few red 2000’s soon.


I live 20 minutes from Yeovil, guess Wincanton doesn’t count as civilisation :rofl:

OH’s favourite wine is Musar so we’ll liberate any leftovers if necessary :yum:


Maybe I should try again. Let’s just say I’ve seen some, er, politely raised eyebrows in my time…!


Odd, isn’t it? My family would clear that magnum at a sitting and probably complain if another one didn’t follow. Yet I know that other things I don’t much care for are highly appreciated elsewhere. There’s enough of it all to go round, fortunately.

Weekend drinking thread [16-18 Nov 2018]

Absolutely no need to drink within two days. It will provide pleasure and renewed interest for a week, at least.


Good to know :+1:

…although I would feel rather self-conscious, working my way through my own personal magnum over the course of a week :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Then again, if I get one, open it and then it just so happens - what a shame - that nobody else likes it, well, then I’ve got a legitimate excu…reason to drink the rest myself without looking like the kind of guy who buys a magnum for personal consumption only :open_mouth:

So my plan now is to wonder whether or not to buy it, just long enough for it to sell out later this week, right at the moment that I log in and try to add it to my basket.

Sorted :sunglasses:


Ch Musar… to my mind, is massive … deeply rich, exotically spiced, extreme full bodied and enough alcohol to be heading towards Port territory and can be head achy. Oh… and it can be variable in terms of quality. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s red wine ‘dialled up to 11’

Easy answer is get a bottle and try it ! the hangover will be legendary.


Just tasted 3 vintages ( the youngest being 2011) of the main wine at the 3 wine men event in London this past Saturday. Glad to report that the quality is still there. This is really an old world wine which happens to be made in Lebanon. They have a younger bottling “Hochar”, which is heavy on Cinsault, and have be drunk earlier than the main wine. I was told it was initially developed for M&S!


Not sure about the etiquette here, but I’ve recently been sent an offer for Musar 1999 6-packs at £167.58 all-in (excluding delivery, I suspect). It’s not TWS, but I don’t think TWS are selling that vintage at all.


I have just received a mailing from The Sampler today at that price for the 1999, which included several other vintages.


Well, yes, so it’s OK to mention names of competitors to TWS, I guess! :wink:


Out of interest, did they offer you the 2000?




2009 white, 2010 red in magnum and normal bottles of 1997, 1999 and 2001 red



Absolutely! :smile: It’s in our Guidelines and everything. This is a place to discuss wine, not just Wine Society wine. :slight_smile:

Anyone here tried the 1999?


Tried the 1999 when first released and put it away for a bit. Might be ready now?