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Chateau Musar, advice


We will assume that radio silence from both or either of you is a sign that a particularly unsuccessful tactic has been employed. In which case, can we have your tickets?


My sincere apologies @MarkC

By prior arrangement, @JamesE will be taking my second ticket. He came to ours for dinner last night with Mrs E. We took a courageous, joint decision that it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission so in the interests of matrimonial harmony, we will not be admitting the cost of swilling a few mouthfuls of old wine just yet.


In other words, rumours of your demise(s) may be premature?


Premature indeed. At least until the credit card bill comes in


Looks like we could have a Community table…


Email received. Last minute call up to the Musar Squad. Happy!


Musar 2010 bottle emptied last night :wink:
1st Musar I’ve had for some time.
Fruitier and lighter than I remember. Very long finish still.

Over the next 12 weeks I’ve a 2006 & 8 to compare.