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Chateau Musar, advice


I prefer to compare it to Wimbledon or Lord’s but I’m not very musical.

The ballot will be run on Monday and successful applicants will have a week to confirm their tickets before they are returned and offered to other members. So even if you miss out in the first instance a chance still remains.

The Ballot was introduced because using this event as an example, the number of ballot applications exceeded supply by the 7th February, at which point around 50% of members would not have received The List and Tastings Booklet.

We used to receive complaints each quarter from Members who tried to book events as soon as they received the booklet only for it to be too late. So there is going to be criticism no matter what we do but I feel this is a fairer system than making it first come first served when we are unable to control exactly when everyone receives notification of the event.


Now you put it this way, it makes perfect sense, thanks.


Thanks @Tim_S, are you able to let me know whether the Germany VDP tasting in June is also going to a ballot?


No, because of the higher capacities for walkaround events those tickets were available to purchase from the start. However the demand for both that event and the two Rioja Walkarounds greatly exceeded our expectations and sold out far quicker than we expected. If I were to have the time again I would have used the ballot system for those as well.

I’m sorry if you missed out but do put yourself on the waiting list as we do typically have a high number of cancellations.


Given that 1974 is a significant year for me, really would like to get lucky in the Musar ballot…


Thanks for the quick response. I’m on the list, fingers crossed.


Did you order 1 or 2 tickets?


2 for Musar, 2 for Germany


Based on the number of entries currently received and the time left to enter you will probably have about a 1 in 3 chance. I would suggest that you could try slipping me a brown envelope but that would be at odds with the fairness principal which is why it has been introduced.

The demand for tickets and the number of replies to this thread certainly shows the popularity of Musar.


That’s good enough for me. Significant saving if I am not successful… :slight_smile:


Hi @Tim_S,

I am assuming the draw has taken place and if we haven’t heard, we have not been successful. If you could confirm would be great.



The draw will actually be taking place today and you will have confirmation either way tomorrow.

We have been short staffed this week and then our event in York on Monday was cancelled due to flooding so we had to divert resources to dealing with that.

Sorry for the delay.


No problem Tim

Thanks for the update


I’m still on tenterhooks here! Anyone heard anything more about the results of the draw?


I’ve been awarded all 150 tickets!


Hope you have a wonderful evening :joy:


The final batch of emails has just been sent to successful applicants in the last 20 mins.

Emails to those who missed out will be sent on Monday however we are finding a number of members are not taking up the tickets they have been allocated so I would not give up hope and keep the date free if you are keen to attend.


Seems legit :rofl:, now what’s your see tickets user Id ?


Ah, the good old “entering the ballot is not the same as suggesting to your partner that a £150 pp wine tasting is a good idea” problem.

Related note: No surprises for guessing the discussion in the @strawpig household at the moment.


Fingers crossed for you. I’ve got the same conversation coming up this evening, so please let me know if you encountered any particularly successful tactic…