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Chateau Musar, advice


Just had an email from L&W offering four more back vintages from 1997 to 2002…all around £30 a bottle…


Think I have as many as I need for now. :smiley:


I have opened a bottle of the 2001. Two hours after decanting; it is a very pale wine, I can nearly see through it, slightly brown, very complex on the nose. Drinking it, it reminds me of port, without the sweetness. Lots going on, I like it! Let’s see how it is after another two hours in the decanter.


The shelves of Waitrose near me are stocked with this vintage…

Do tell :wink:


Musar can be anything between stewed rubber bands to slightly rancid red meat to a superb glass of intoxicating, instantly identifiable complex hefty red wine goodness. Do you like marmite?


Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. I do love Bovril, however.


Aylesbury? How much a bottle?


Actually, I don’t want to know. Too tempting !


Near work, I’ll go back and check, but we’ve missed the buy 6 discount :frowning:


The Musar 2001 after four hours of decanting has developed further in a good way. My initial impression of “port” is much stronger now. It tastes like a 20 year old tawny port, just without the sweetness and stickyness of port wine. Really nice. This bottle will not last until tomorrow…


Anyone with experience of the white? I know Serge believed it was a longer-ageing and even more serious wine than the red, but my experience of ageing it (the 2001) has led to one oxidized bottle after another.


My only experience of the white comes from some tastings and then deciding it was not for me. But my recollection is that in 2017 we were tasting a white from the 90’s. Just not comparable with the red imo.


L&W is now listing the 1997, 1998, 2000 and 2002 (from own stock, ie not brokered) for between £30 and £35 a bottle duty paid.


Was browsing in a small independent earlier today and just had to liberate the lone 1999 for a very reasonable £31.49. Quite a few 1998 and some 2000 also available along with a stack of 2010. Makes one wonder about the point of purchasing young (?) musar when the back vintages are readily available at such prices.


Don’t expect this to last though! Probably a few more years, but I think they’re releasing more stock with the more recent vintages.


What the hell?!?

On the one hand, it’s a chance to drink a delicious wine from my birth year…

…on the other hand, it costs how much???

A wine to savour vicariously through Cellartracker notes, methinks.


If only my numbers had come up last night…:sob:


You can buy a case of 12 of these for the same price. A no-brainer for me.


My list of wines savoured vicariously is longer than the list of wines I actually drink, I think! :smiley:


Over 8 times the price of the 1999, or indeed various other vintages round about then…

Ignoring scarcity/snob value for a minute, this implies some interesting variations in the discount rate used…if a 20 year old wine is £30, and a 40ish year old one is 8 times as much. Strip out duty and the difference is even more stark…