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Chateau Musar 2012 anyone?



Knowing that many of you have an interest in Ch. Musar, this has just dropped into my inbox…


I got the email too and will have to get a bottle or two for the collection.

Still great bang for the buck but it’s crazy how much more expensive Musar has gotten over the past 10 years or so.


Thanks for sharing. Still compiling a few bottles of the 2011. We buy one a month to lay down. Now will have to start the 2012 collection.


Got my email this morning. Will have to pick up two or three!


I’ll be picking some up but never got an email :rofl::see_no_evil:, this is why I love the community :+1:.


I didn’t get the email initially but notice I got it later today


I’ve always thought Musar overrated. At £25, very overrated…


It certainly divides opinion, that’s for sure!

I’ve tried it once and loved it. I’m off to put one in the basket