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Chateau Ksara - who else has tried this?



Hi all,

I am keen on Chateau Musar with its quirky ‘pot luck’ sort of flavour profiles which are all very unique. I noticed there was some Chateau Ksara, another Lebanese red, on the side for the taking so I thought I would have a go. The wine I took was the 2017 vintage, so will be coming soon I guess (2016 currently listed).

Really enjoyed Chateau Ksara, its a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (can’t remember the proportions though). Looks like this is their ‘entry level’ sort of wine and its really enjoyable at £10 or so a bottle. It has a mix of both bright red fruits, some darker black fruits but also a slight pepper note due to the Shiraz.

Anyone else tried this wine? Tempted to get a few bottles as its still drinking for a couple of years - an interesting red to have with Sunday dinner and something a bit different for any guests.


Ooh, haven’t had this in years (looking at my notes, I drank the 2007 in 2010) but it’s decent stuff. The impression I got was that it a nice ripe sweetness on the nose, and blend-wise it seemed like the cabernet franc helped to bring out the floral side of the syrah. Who knows. I also felt that it improved in the glass, so it might benefit from a bit of air first.

I believe the entry-entry-entry level for Ksara is Le Prieuré, which is (was?) a cabernet sauvignon / carignan / mourvèdre / cinsault blend - no idea if it’s exported to these shores though. It had a nice, simple Mediterranean vibe to it, though it did little to thrill and even on my budget I thought it better to trade up a notch when I was over there.

Ksara also do a Beaujolais-style tempranillo / gamay blend called Cuvée de Printemps - at the same price as the Prieuré - but I never tried it.


Yeah, it’s a great easy drinker for the colder and darker months and I buy a few bottles every year.

M&S Have Ksara’s Clos de st Alphons for £10 which is also a steal.

The main wine is here:

Although not in the same style as Musar it’s again a fantastic wine for the money.

If you like Musar keep an eye out for Domaine Des Tourelles and Chateau Kefraya too.


I’ve had the main wine, Chateau Ksara, which is a lovely wine and (or but), as @Aaronb stated it is very different to Musar (unlike Musar it is a classic Cab S/Merlot/Petit Verdot Bordeaux mix).

I’ve not had the Reserve de Couvent yet but I got to taste it at the weekend (at the Glasgow Wine Festival) and whilst it’s obviously a simpler sort of beast to the main wine, it was still lovely and great value for money. I shall certainly be buying some in the future.

I have had and didn’t dislike (but also wasn’t bowled over) by both Tourelles and Kefraya. But, again at the Glasgow Wine Festival, I was bowled over by the Chateau St Thomas, Les Emir. The only bottle I actually purchased at the festival.

So my favourite Lebanese producers (that I’ve tried so far) are Musar, Ksara and now Ch St Thomas.


I must confess that both me and the other half preferred the Clos St Alphonse (2015) to the Reserve du Couvent (2016). The latter tasted a bit jammy to our taste, whereas the St Alphonse was floral and fruity, but a lot ‘fresher’ to our palate.

Still, both definitely offer excellent value for money :+1:


So, was the Glasgow Wine festival worth a visit?


It was and I learnt some good stuff and tasted some good wines but I felt the format didn’t quite suit me. These were my more detailed comments from the Festival thread: