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Château de La Rivière (Fronsac) Château de Rayne Vigneau (Sauternes) & Scenic Bordeaux

We’re shortly to go on a Scenic River Cruise around the Bordeaux region.

On the cruise we are going to two tastings at named wineries, Château de La Rivière in Fronsac and Château de Rayne Vigneau in Sauternes.

If you’ve any comments on these Chateaux and/or the Scenic cruise I’d be grateful for any pointers, comments & etc


Hi @peterm i’ve drunk Riviere but it predates my use of cellar tracker! Definitely had a case of 2000 which, from memory, was tannic and powerful when first drunk. ISTR leaving most 10+ years and it being well integrated. I must have enjoyed it as my records show i have 6 x 2016. Appears the Chtx style has become more refined in more recent times (i know ownership changed a bit due to a couple of deaths in air accidents). Probably not a huge amount of help but i would certainly be pleased to go to a tasting there :+1:

Quite apart from the quality of the wine at La Rivière, the château occupies the top of a hill with splendid views all around.

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I haven’t had Rayne Vigneau recently (the only notes I can find are for the 2005), but found it good, in a lighter, almond, style.

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Rayne Vigneau is a very enjoyable, but not remarkable Sauternes. I’ve recently had a couple of bottles of the 2009, which is very much on the tropical fruit end of the Sauternes spectrum (lots of lychee). I prefer their second wine, which makes a delicious sweetie for things Eaton Mess and other summery/fruity puds.

Before this sounds too much like damning with faint praise. However, it’s one of the most enjoyable vineyard visits I’ve had in Bordeaux. The tour was good, interesting and less generic (carried out by vineyard employees rather than someone specifically to do the tour, as well so they were very knowledgable about very nerdy specifics), they have some interesting artwork and the tasting didn’t feel mean.


You’ve cheered me, thanks!

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