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Château d’Yquem 2015 half bottle


Hi there,
I’ve just been given a bottle of this , would appreciate some advice … should I drink this now as I’ve never tried anything like this before or should I wait … I’m 52 by the way :joy: so would like to try it before I depart this mortal coil lol :joy:


Somebody loves you! I would wait 10-15 years or more, but if you feel that you’re about to slip away then just go for it! Whenever you drink it it will be good, and you can only do it once.


I would also wait a decade or so but it will be lovely whenever you drink it - even if you decide to drink it tomorrow. I did a quick web search and someone whose palate I trust said it was very good now.


Drink it now with someone you know who will also appreciate it. I suggest blue cheese to accompany it!


Wait for at least 10 years , 20 even and then drink it on a Tuesday when you have nothing else on either on your own or with someone special ! Wow, what an amazing gift to be given ! Enjoy :wink:.


Drink it now. It will be delicious already.


I’d go against received wisdom and say, if it was me, i would drink it now.


  • Because keeping a single half 10-20 years, in anything less than immaculate storage conditions, risks it not being at its best when you do drink it.

  • If you keep it that long and it’s not great, imagine the disappointment (something I’d risk if I had several, but if only one, with no prospect of a second go, that would be gutting)

  • If you drink it now, you can thank your friend. Or even offer to share it with them. Who knows where life could take either of you in 20 years time?

  • If there’s anything wrong with it now, you / your friend could take it back :wink:


Rid yourself of the torment of decision by re-gifting to me…I will happily take on the Herculean task of deciding when is best :wink:

if that doesn’t sit well with you then you can either i) drink in the near future with said friend or ii) keep for circa 10 years and enjoy then…hopefully with your kind friend (if you have suitable storage)


Bearing in mind the suggested drinking window is 2027-2055, will it be better in 10+ years? Yes, the sugar and acidity will be a little better balanced and the wine as a whole more integrated.

However, if you don’t have suitable storage and sufficient patience then plan to drink it_soon.

Personally I love a good sticky at Christmas, find a little quiet period and share it with the one you love and a little dessert or cheese, I like a slightly tart sorbet with mine.

I’d use it as an excuse to try a couple of other dessert wines from the Society as a primer to having the d’Yquem.


Excellent idea !!


Who is this friend of yours? I need to get to know them and ingratiate myself :yum:


Clothing advice too!


We’ve been fortunate enough to try a number of Yquem wines over the years, both in bottle and half bottle. We also visited the Chateau last year (highly recommended).
I wouldn’t drink this very young wine now. We had a half bottle of the 2006 Yquem from the Wine Society at Christmas (a gift from my Mum) and it wasn’t really ready. Yours needs probably fifteen years more to reach its best. I like the Tuesday idea but what a great way to celebrate your 70th birthday.
Keep it in the darkest coolest place you can. And hang on to that friend!


It’s yours so do what you want.
I’d wait for 10 years minimum.
I have a bottle of the 1990 in my cellar and I shall probably crack it open on my 60th so it’ll be 33 years old by then.