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Charity wine auction for victims of the Australia bushfires

This is worse than all the EP offers last year. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop.

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Before I lose my mind completely, anyone know if auction fee and VAT will apply?

Because this isn’t a regular auction I’m not sure, I would imagine not as Vat will have already been paid ? and I can’t imagine a buyers premium will apply but worth sending Gus a message to make sure ??

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Doesn’t really matter, I’m getting smashed on everything, bidding is way out of my league.

Even outbid on the Ochota Barrels Texture like Sun by @szaki1974 :scream_cat:

It’s going well though, they’ve hit £15K in less than 4 hours. Admirable generosity on show.


Very interested Laura.
This is one of the main reasons I don’t buy new world wines.

I get particularly annoyed going to a restaurant/gastropub which claims to sell local produce and then has no or very few European wines on its wine list.

The pub chains are probably the worst for being at or near 100% new world, in many cases very poor examples brought into the UK in bulk and bottled here.

Maybe he’ll share :rofl:, some of the bidding is crazy :rofl::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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That half full bottle of '61 Grange for example.

In the unlikely event I win that lot (Pelé shirt mind you…), I will bring the bottle to a Community BYO dinner.


Lot 66 :scream_cat:

The name of the wine is wrong…

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I’m sure the Australian producers and vineyard owners who have lost everything will take solace in the fact that regular Joe Bloggs will still be able to enjoy a drop of wine from elsewhere in the world :smirk:


I am glad someone said this.