Changes to Wine Society Van Routes

Hello everyone,

Just a heads up that as of today the Wine Society Van routing will be slightly different. We’re now using new software to help plan our van routes enabling them to be more efficient - in the future this will hopefully mean we have more vans in an area over a week. This means that at the point of ordering you won’t get an ETA, just a confirmed day like with carrier deliveries but if you are set up to receive DNEs (Delivery Notification Emails) you will receive an ETA at least 24 hours before delivery. If you don’t receive DNEs at the mo let us know and we can get that updated for you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Catherine,
I have a related query but please tell me if this isn’t the place to post it. Are there any plans for the WS vans to take back the WS boxes as they used to many years ago? It always seems so wasteful to have to destroy such good quality boxes even if they do go to cardboard recycling…


@AWomanwithaCellar I often return boxes, my delivery man (who is excellent) always takes them if he has room, I’ve never been refused.

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At the moment it’s only the Society vans that go from and back to Stevenage in a day that can collect the boxes as it’s not logistical for other routes because the orders go up (or down/across!) on a trunker rather than the small vans.


Thanks Catherine,

I’m in Cumbria so that will explain why I can’t do the same @ChrisB though maybe that will change in the future :crossed_fingers: I hope so!


How can I check if I get DNE’s? And also, does this extend to sms?

When you have a delivery at the moment do you get an email/text usually a day (few days if over a weekend) advising it’s been despatched for delivery? That’s your DNE. As far as I’m aware this applies to SMS too, so if you get a text at the mo, you’ll still get one but I’ll double check.

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I don’t think I do, but I just discovered the checkbox for sms updates so thanks! (for others, it’s under ‘Personal details’)

Just checked, it does apply to SMS too :slightly_smiling_face:

Our delivery van driver even came back later in the day, just to collect my empty boxes as his van was too full. Great service with a smile.


I feel this absence of ETA a time of ordering and only notified 24hrs in advance is a backwards step.
It was very useful to be able to plan ones day well in advance, at least to am or pm.
One of the reasons why I always preferred to choose TWS vans over courier.

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