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Changes to Vintage cellar plan?

I’m not sure if you’ve signed up for any of the VCPs - after a few years I decided to dip my toe in it and signed up for the French Classics B (don’t tell my wife!) although its only a matter of time until the white burgundy gets added as well.

Just noticed that the plans have a changed a little on the new website - no longer an A, B, C- rather now its just French classics level 1 and 2 both of which are 4 cases a year, no option for 8 cases. Checking on my account it still lists me as having the B plan (due to start next month) but I wonder has anyone heard if things are getting moved over to new plans? I don’t think I missed any emails about it.

If not I’ll drop Member services an email after the bank holiday :slight_smile:

You still have the option for eight cases. Just take out a second plan.