Changes to click & collect

I’ve just had the email about the change of service provider. I’m sure there are good reasons for this, but personally I’m disappointed. I live in a semi-rural area in Wales & my previous collection point was less than 2 miles away with excellent parking. Now my nearest collection point is around 5 miles away and all the (relatively) local options are in positions where parking is really difficult. I will have to revert to home delivery which is less convenient.

Weirdly, central London is a bit of a desert too.
The old location was a few streets away, now any shop is a bus ride away…

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Not just click and collect, I’ve now gone down from the option of 3 different TWS van deliveries a week to one, the same day every week. I may be in the ‘wilds’ of North Leicestershire, but we’re not exactly remote :grin: I know I shouldn’t complain as some folk have fewer options than this, but its a bit frustrating at times. And yes, I could use a courier, but I never view that as a totally ‘safe’ option, and anyway, I’d miss my driver :slight_smile:

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I have no choice but a courier - a TWS van has never ventured this far into Wales. But maybe that will change?

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Sadly unlikely I suspect, I don’t think there’s much prospect of there ever being sufficient demand for places such as Wales and the Highlands where I live. But I’m not complaining too much as most people add a quite significant surcharge for couriering up to me but TWS charge no extra (thank you TWS for being so reasonable!) so I guess I can live without the special van.


This is the third Click and Collect option since I’ve been using it. The first one was a great location, the previous one was unusable, and this one is back to being more convenient.

Same problem in East London. From 2 different locations on my own estate, I now face a 10-15 minute drive to my nearest pickup point depending on traffic. I’m sure thats not bad by many standards, but still… has ANYONE seen an improvement from this change?

We can’t possibly know the details at this time. It’s possible that it is saving a lot of money, or maybe the previous setup had been unreliable (even if no one here had experienced problems). There are all sorts of possible and valid business reasons for such a decision.

I’m sorry but no one has yet shown a level of new hardship that I could get excited about.

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Yes, I accept that, and I’ve no doubt there are good reasons, but I just wanted a change from spending the day shouting at Boris Johnson and this was the first thing to crop up.


Me too but failing very badly…



You could try throwing old rags at the tv - it does release some tension and somehow devalues the political process, if we can call it that.


Can’t afford clothes AND wine, so I’m still wearing the old rags…


Even more badly now :frowning:

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If only there was a forum on which TWS could explain the reasoning behind the need for such changes.


From the email I received on the matter:

Why the change?
The short answer is more stores and greater convenience! The new provider, Paypoint, currently services around 2,500 stores nationwide and are soon to increase to over 3,000 (whereas our previous service delivered to fewer than 2,000).

In my case, the change is helpful. The previous location was a half mile away, the new location is across the street. Also note the planned 20% increase in pickup points.


Didn’t one of the services they used go out of business a year ago?

Paypoint on the whole is rather robust they have over 20,000 stores using their terminals so I can only imagine the parcel service will grow as they have contracts with Amazon and eBay for parcels.

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