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Changes set-up of site


What has happened to the way the site works? It used to open another screen when I clicked on the Community, and when I’d finished I could just close it.
Now it changes to full screen, with no header bar. I can’t close it and when I’ve finished I have to go back through everything I’ve looked at until I get back to the original TWS page. It’s rather irritating.
If relevant I’m using an Asus ZenPad.


I just tried it, @Andy999 and can’t detect any changes (on neither my tablet or my desktop).
Maybe @robert_mcintosh can come to your rescue…?


Thanks @Inbar, appreciate you trying. It has definitely changed for me, and I don’t think I’ve changed anything my side, unless there is some general change in the android systems.


Ooh, sorry to hear that @Andy999! It might be something to do with a recent update to Discourse, the forum software we use. I’ll have a chat with @robert_mcintosh and see what we can come up with.


Hi there - I bookmarked this last night to come back to you - but Laura’s message reminded me

I am not sure I quite follow, but will try to help.

Where are you clicking in order to open the community? I am not sure it is a Discourse issue but sounds more like your browser. Can you let me know the steps you go through, and what browser you are using for this? (you can PM me if you prefer)


Thanks both. I will explain further as soon as I have time.


Hmm, have tried twice to send lengthy explanations by email, and lost them both. Lost motivation for the moment!


sorry to hear that - was that an email issue or was that here in Discourse? (drafts can get saved here)

What I was wondering was whether you used to see the site in the “desktop” mode but now this is being forced to “mobile view”? Is that the case?



It might be that the “default to mobile” for intermediate devices, like the Zenpad might have been made easier to trigger. This should still be a tab that you can close however


It was an email problem. I’m using Chrome browser.

I am seeing a desktop view, well, not sure now. Maybe it is starting in desktop, then changing.

After opening TWS home page I click on the Community. This used to open another screen which I could close when I wanted to, or open other screens from, etc.

Now I click on the Community and after a flicker of a white page with just The Society Community showing on it, a “larger” page opens over the home page, so I can’t open or close other screens, there’s no back arrow, etc. Now the top of the page just shows phone number and the wine society in the red band.

Does that help at all?


The button you are clicking on is on The Society’s website, so whether that is set to open a new tab is a) determined by that site AND b) your browser settings

As far as I can tell, the Society’s site still opens a new tab when you click on it. Therefore the issue will have to be with Chrome

I am not sure what version you are running but you should be able to press and hold on the link and ask it to “open in a new tab”. If you prefer the desktop interface (and there is room on your tablet), you can click on the three dot menu (top right) and select the “desktop site” mode


Yes, press and hold does give me the new tab option, which is what I want (and now I’m wondering if my mind is going and I was doing that every time without even realising?).

The desktop option gives me the “unclosable” view, which I don’t want. I’m afraid I have no idea which version of Chrome I’m using.

Anyway you have provided me with a working solution and I’m quite happy with it. Many thanks Robert.