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Champers Review


Good Morning
I love Champagne & just want to give a shout out to The Society’s own label Brut Non Vintage. I’m always looking for good value & am impressed by the full flavour & depth.
I know there are others at around the same price point & wonder how other members would share their thoughts on my favourite or worthy alternatives?


I think the key is to understand which ‘house’ style you enjoy for alternatives, below is part of a Champagne Infographic we put together to show the different house styles which might help:


That’s a good example of a helpful graphic, @M1tch.

It strikes me there’s something else to add which may help @smiler on his quest for fuller champagnes, which is that some champagnes can be rather “tight” on release. Cellaring them helps them “relax” somewhat, and that can help them achieve their potential in a greater fullness. I would definitely put the Society’s champagne in this category. 1 year helps but two is better still. I do it myself.

So maybe if you are looking for similar but not identical champagnes, buy twice as much of the Society’s own one and keep half aside.

( That’s quite an expensive area in the top right-hand corner of the graphic - it would also include Krug though that’s probably taking things offscale!)


Sadly that’s the style I like. If only I had less expensive tastes on my beer budget :laughing:



I love single-take single-camera video - genius!


Huh! The only thing about the Champagne lifestyle that’s affordable is the Champagne.


"The wine of kings and the king of wines " :wink:


That’s Tokaji… :wink:


… I thought it was Barolo. But there were a lot of monarchs around pre-1914.


Fascinating graphic that I’d probably use to convince the other half if she didn’t already love the Society’s Champagne. In our view it can’t be bettered for the price.