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Champagne house style chart


With Christmas coming up (apparently), I just wanted to post up some info about Champagne as although I don’t really drink much of it, I am tempted to buy some from the Boizel EP offer to lay down for a bit.

I have found an infographic about Champagne which I believe was used in an offer ages ago which can be found here:

I wanted to bring attention however to the below part of that infographic, when someone says ‘I don’t really like champagne because it tastes of XYZ’ its probably due to them only trying a certain house style - much like Burgundy, Champagne has various styles from the different houses. Below is a chart which shows where the different house styles sit roughly but it might also be really useful to see what other houses might be to your taste - for me I do enjoy the Society Champagne but can also see that if I wanted an even more full on biscuit style I could go with a Bollinger or so slightly more delicate and appley and go with a Boizel.

Uh oh - Society Champagne offer

Thanks Mitch, that’s a really useful graphic.
Would you mind if I displayed that in my Powerpoint to my wine students on our Sparkling wine evening? I would obviously acknowledge The Wine Society and refer them to the Wine Society web page.


Following the recent press regarding the Black Swan in Oldstead I took a look at their wine list which utilises another interesting graphical representation for their wines, with the champagnes included on the white chart:



Hi Colin - no worries at all, please feel free.

And while I’m here, thanks for all the mentions we get in your Lancashire Evening Telegraph columns :+1: