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Champagne Chasers

I saw a note from Wine Spectator that said that a 2016 disgorgement should drink through to 2022. So 2020 to 2026, which is a little different to “within 2 years of purchase” but would tally with your 3-5 years. This is a Blanc de blancs I am looking at, is there any real difference based on the grapes?

I find that if one is prepared to do some research, you can get the answers that you require.
Champagne or any other experts ARE OUT THERE, more to the point happy to discuss their passion. Just now… :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :dragon:

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I don’t know how to prove it as it’s a taste perception.

My practise comes from personal experience, buying 6 of a fizz, opening one within a week and so-so, opening one 6 months later - so-good, opening one a year later - ohhh, that’s gooood! and so on/

Latest was N.V. Hattingley Valley Classic Cuvee Brut, first bottle was rather tasteless, which I posted here -
Weekend drinking thread [24-26th July 2020] - Drinks Chat - The Society’s Community (thewinesociety.com) and @leah said she was going to keep here’s for another two years

But there was a vast improvement with the second I opened a couple of weeks ago.


I think you need to find your own sweet spot. Yes there is a difference, because I prefer Blanc de Noirs or a black dominated blend, but BdB will be fine 5 years after purchase or disgorgement.

Champagne keeps well, biggest risk is cork shrinkage.


I have definitely noticed champagne getting nicer even if stored under the stairs. At the beginning of the pandemic when my pretty extensive travel schedule was completely cancelled I got back a ton of Avios from British Airways which pushed my balance back up to quite a high level. I was worried about either a collapse of the airline or a huge devaluation of the points, so I blew a load of them on Bollinger CuvSp NV and Laurent Perrier BdB NV. When they arrived I put some in the wine fridge, some in the fridge fridge, some behind the toilet door etc etc. 2020 and 2021 so far has not seen a great deal to celebrate it must be said, but my impression is that the bottles are becoming more complex and more delicious as time marches on. Or it just takes less to please me as working from home with no decent holidays drags on and on…The happy news is that we are not even half way into the stash.


A bit more digging suggests that this is 50% 2017 and then 50% 2015/2016. It does sound tempting.


Allow me to give you the benefit of something it has taken me decades to learn.

You don’t need to wait for an event worthy of celebration to open Champagne. Indeed, it might taste better without the distractions of celebration.

Or - celebrate smaller things. Just got fish’n’chips from the chippie? Worth a celebration of not having any cooking to do, and Champers goes very well with F&C!

Works for me!


@peterm I wholly concur. Fish and Chips is perfect with Champagne. My friends think I’m daft but it really is a great match.


I was very kindly gifted a bottle of Pol Roger with the bottling code 51N136 on the foil. I’m trying to decipher when this was bottled so I know when to drink by, but am struggling despite the helpful link above. Does anyone know what year the 51 pertains to?


I think you are trying to find when it was disgorged, because it was bottled as a still wine before the bubbles formed.

I’m guessing 2015 (51 = 15?) day 136

Tyson Stelzer is the expert here

The-codebreakers-guide-to-unlocking-champagne.pdf (tysonstelzer.com)

You can contact him here - Contact - Tyson Stelzer


We’ve twice been to a Hertfordshire Wine School sparkling wine event where we had a mix of Prosecco, traditional method fizz from South Africa & England and three Champagnes in a private room at Godfrey’s Fish & Chip Restaurant in Harpenden (which is said to be the best in the county) and midway through we were served F&C to pair with the champers.

Jolly good!


Because it’s the very merry month of May, and the national Vanilla Pudding day we are having Kirsty’s apple pie with MS MadVann custard, double helpings with Mumm champagne, double helpings from Sainsbury’s £17 offer at Xmas. Bring it on May, though for others Williams words of Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, and Summers lease has all to short a date, Could seem a little more apt.

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Darn - I didn’t know that!

Will it be too late to have a Bramley Apple Crumble with Custard on Sunday?

Double darn! I missed that deal.

I got Mumm from Sainsbury in August when it was reduced from £35 to £25 then bought in 25% off promotion, so I thought I was doing well paying £20 for a bottle

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I think blanc de blanc champagne keeps really well, just my opinion but I think it goes longer than blanc de noirs or any of the blends, and for me seems to have more to give with time.

I just feel the need to point out that if you try take of advantage of every good offer that comes to market you don’t actually end up saving very much money at all!! :blush:

Forgive my lack of knowledge of champagne production, it’s something I must look into.

Many thanks for your suggestion, maybe I’ll have to pull the cork sooner rather than later on this one. Which I’m sure won’t be a terrible hardship!

I am fairly judicious in the offers that I go for.
Within the last few weeks took advantage of the £20 discount for subscribing to the PetershamCellar.com newsletter and got Bolly Grande Annee 2012 and the 2012 Rose at great prices, no delivery charge and a terrific buying experience.
WaitroseCellar.com also great for Fizz offers, especially in the first few hours of a sale; before the best of the stock is gone.
I will admit to have filled my boots of late, primarily because my supplier of choice does not have the wines available. Bolly NV here £41 per bottle in a 6 pack or £49!! :open_mouth:
WaitroseCellar.com Bolly in halves at £17 (25% discount and cashback) it pains me to report. I really hope that our Bolly Summer offer will have some competitive pricing. :dragon:

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A good offer is just that. A good buy is even better.

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Peterm you will be forgiven, next time it’s Kirsty’s or nothing, Make sure it’s MS Mad Van to boot.

2020 is the year I learned to drink more Champagne (and ESW). Turns out I really like the stuff and who knows what’s around the next corner. Rather than waiting for the celebrations to come to us, we found reasons to celebrate. For instance, having a chilled bottle of bubbles in the fridge… :tada: