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Maybe a thread for all things to do with Champagne.
I see that Bolly NV is going out in Mystery cases.
Does that mean that we (the Society) has over bought?
I didn’t buy my normal Christmas case Offer because I could get it from other sources at better prices.
I like to “extended cellar” my Bolly NV, has the Society thought of doing this for us?
If the Society has NV that has been cellared for a while, they could tell us as this may be a selling point.
What do you think?


If it is of any help Bollinger do not put a disgorgement date on their back label but there is a labelling date usually on the neck foil. the Code is L and then the year and day of labelling. So L14256 means it was labelled in 2014 on the 256th day of the year. Labelling takes place usually very shortly after disgorgement. So you can work out bottle age with reasonable accuracy. There are sometimes a couple of digits after the day number but I believe that you can ignore those.
So that should help you wth your extended cellaring.
There is no uniform practice with champagne houses and growers about back label info. Some growers go into great detail about blends, dosage, TA, SO2 levels, disgorgement dates etc. (Usually small growers).


I have posted several times, this explainer!! :+1: :dragon:

apologies i had completely forgotten about that!

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:rofl: :rofl: Got those T-shirts!! :+1: :dragon:


You tried the PV15 yet or are you letting it sleep first?

I’ve just called this from my free wine collection reserves. Earlier than planned by a year or so, but I have no fizz and it’s both my partner and niece’s birthdays within the next week. All the constituent champagnes are available, but the case is not.

Very much looking forward. Especially to the Pierre Paillard.


There was a problem with delivery and in the end did not get it!! :sob:
I am really sorry that the Society did not list it.
I hope they do the Bolly 2012 GA Rose which is rated very highly.
I shall have to console myself with these, whilst not cheap, are meant to be very good.
A minor Bolly night for the Super Bowl tomorow night. Halves of the NV and NV Rose. :grinning: :dragon:

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I bagged a couple bottles… Think maybe I leave them a bit??? Will let you know, to inform future purchases…

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I really like the look of the growers case. I never buy big negociants wines. All house style and no individual approach.


Newly listed by the looks of it and available from next month :slight_smile:


That price is surprising given the in bond release price of £104 per bottle elsewhere, or maybe I am miscalculating…

UPDATE - not surprisingly I was misremembering, in fact an excellent price compared to the IB price of £131 per bottle elsewhere (£104 was the Bollinger RD 2007, which is also now available…)


I’m trying to resist :see_no_evil::joy:!

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Thanks Leah, looks a good price. RRP just under £200.


WRT the recent Grower Champagne offer, does anyone recall what the disgorgement years were? Were they even listed? I don’t have the notes any longer. What I specifically want to know is whether the Lilbert wines can in fact be aged longer than the “2-3 years after purchase” dates that TWS gives. Many sources on the internet suggest that even a NV can go some distance, but it is equally hard to know what base vintages they are talking about!

N.V. Lilbert-Fils Champagne Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut - disgorged 1/20

This drives me crazy.
The 2018 Champagne vintage was supposed to be sublime.
So I imagine that the 2018 base wine might be being released in current NV’s.
I have brought this issue up but no movement.
Maybe an email or three might help!! :dragon:

Thanks Peter, very useful. So disgorged 2020 means, in theory, drink to 2022-23 in TWS terms? And so it probably does indicate a 2018 vintage (although of course they can mix it up)

I’ve never noticed TWS drink dates. When you visit the Champagne houses they all say that Champagne is ready to drink on release. But I like to keep for 3 - 5 years before opening, from buying or disgorgement date when given.

Even 6 months sees a marked improvement, luckily, as we are opening our fizz faster than I can age them.


That’s my working theory as well - but no proof there is anything in it. I try to keep TWS Brut for a year or so before opening, if kept in reserves it reduces casual temptation.