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Champagne and All Sorts of Fizz!

Oh yes, “it’s a matter of not penalising Russian customers”. Nothing to do with money at all


Pretty disappointing they’ve bowed to Kremlin pressure and have shown the world they can be bought at a price . I guess given the sales of Champagne we’re so dramatically hit through COVID, they’re thinking of their pockets and don’t want to further reduce their income . Difficult decision I guess.


Has anyone tried both the Antech Réserve and Heritage wines?

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I am a big fan of the Antech Reserve. I’ve not tried the Heritage and don’t have an inclination to because that is a Chardonnay/ Pinot blend and there are many such traditional method blends on the market.

The reserve is made from the historic - one might say Heritage* - Mauzac grape, with some Chardonnay and Chenin according to the back label. Surprisingly the Heritage label don’t mention varieties used , but the fact sheet on its site says Chardonnay, Chenin, Pinot .



Thank you, that’s very helpful.

Not tried the heritage but the 2017 reserve often appears on fizzy Fridays. I like the acidity, it’s fine mousse and prefer mauzac to chardonnay for fizz. Haven’t tried the 2018 yet but am hopeful is as good.

This might help: Antech, Réserve Brut Blanquette de Limoux | JancisRobinson.com.


The interesting question here is - which one?(!)

According to Wikipedia there are 3 types, but according to the Plageoles in Gaillac there are at least 7. I think I’ve had 5 as monovarietal wines - Roux, Gris, Vert, Blanc, Noir. My understanding, as far as it stretches, is that Mauzac Vert is in use in Limoux, even though Blanc is oft quoted (though they may be one and the same thing, I don’t know).

Moreover - and I’m guessing also at information from Plageoles, but alas I forget the source - the Mauzac Blanc (or Vert) down in Limoux is slightly different to that used to make sparkling Gaillac just up the road (clone/mutation? At this point my grape knowledge fails me) In that one of them has tighter bunches/smaller berries and the other doesn’t (I think this is similar to French and Italian Pinot Gris/Grigio).

There does seem to be some sort of stylistic difference, though only having had sparkling Gaillac from 2, possibly 3 different sources, I can’t exactly say it’s an exhaustive study, but I would be interested to know if anyone has done any sort of in-depth research into the phenomenon.


The “Reserve” is a Blanquette and the “Heritage” is a Crémant.

Blanquette has to have 90% Mauzac, Crémant allows for more Chardonnay / Chenin, and must contain at least 80% of a blend of those two; Mauzac and Pinot can be made up to the 100%


The point I was making was that they are both sparkling wines made by the traditional method, but from different varieties, so comparing them is like comparing raspberry and strawberry jams.

TWS description says

Majority chardonnay but crucially there’s some pinot noir

Antech’s fact sheet give the cepage of Heritage as Chardonnay, Chenin, Pinot.

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Indeed and the purpose of my post was just to comment for fellow forum-ers for interest’s sake that there was a legal and precise difference between the two Limoux variants, (not least as they taste quite different), not specifically to enlighten you !!

Personally I don’t much care for Blanquette, I find the Mauzac gives it a rather unidimensional metallic element, but concede that it’s horses for courses as ever.

And then of course there’s the Method Ancestrale too… !

Robinson, Harding & Vouillamoz’s Wine Grapes name three Mauzac’s: Blanc, Rose & Noir.

According to that, Noir is not related,
Rose is a colour mutation of Blanc, and Blanc is used in Limoux sparkling wines.

But Mauzac is an old variety and there could well be other colour mutations in use. You have the advantage over me, sir, in that I don’t know that region at all.

Your post reminds me that one of the first wines we started with when we took off our vinous training wheels and began to leave Mateus and Liebfraumilch behind was Gaillac whites we got from Sainsbury - I remember the flute bottles had three glass rings embossed around the neck. Happy days!

When you get an answer to your variety query from Antech, please let us know.
Contact EN - Antech-limoux


Many thanks for the contact, I shall endeavour to reach some sort of conclusion - although painful experience of SW varieties has taught me that usually any answer leads to a whole new set of questions that hadn’t even been considered only moments earlier :smiley:

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New growers champagne case:



Thanks. A good price for what sound like interesting wines. But with Donnhoff/Prum now on and a finger-slip acquisition of a couple of Exhibition Hermitage recently, I really can’t. Can I?


I wonder if you’re hoping for a NO or a YES?



I think I’ve only bought NZ SB once, though I’ve taken inspiration from here: :grin:

And the fact that it’s a good price for the case. I think it might be cheaper than the case I bought two years ago. I do miss being able to click in reserves and easily see what i paid for something. Hopefully this is a feature they can bring back into the new website.


Good News about Champagne

Shipments are now above pre-Covid levels, such is post-Covid demand

Bad News about Champagne

A shortage at Christmas is forecast, such is post-Covid demand.

Don’t Panic!

Champagne projected to ship 305m bottles in 2021 - The Drinks Business

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Not me!!
I got properly stuck into offers from:


Earlier this year.
I am probably all set up for the next 3 years.
I know that @Sarah has some Christmas Bolly offers coming our way, but as ever thus, will be price dependent!?!?
Truth be told, I would always prefer to buy my Fizz from the Society and Cellar it. :+1: :dragon:


So, here we are in Denmark - in Dons to be precise, and within the most northerly PDO / AOP / equivalent wine region of the World.

The oldest vineyard / winery in Denmark is Skaersogaard, and at 10 Ha is the second largest, near Kolding in Eastern Jutland - and the village of Dons is that most northerly PDO; thanks to the efforts of Sven Mosegaard, the owner of Skaersogaard. His first vintage was 2001, and the PDO Dons, (MC Brut sparkling wine) allows Solaris, Orion, Zalas Pearl, Rondo and Fruburgunder into its blanc or rosé sparkling wines.

It is eye wateringly expensive - we’re talking €50 a bottle, but hey ho it’s not as if we’re here every day of the week.

This rosé - it’s not too bad. No Rondo foxyness - taught, nicely bitter and dry, some hint of red fruits and a nice briochey undertow. He leaves them on the lees 2-3 years; it’s all riddled and disgorged by hand.

Of additional interest is his use of Danish oak barriques - sent to Spain for manufacture - to age his solaris, leon millot, port and brandy (in that order)

Anyway here’s some pics