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Champagne and All Sorts of Fizz!

You won’t be surprised to hear “it’s a bit more complex than that”, but carbonic acid is a weaker acid than tartaric and malic acids, so I suppose that’s not a bad way of looking at it.

All way over my head but what I can do…

  • I like big bubbs and I cannot lie
  • Tiny bubbles make me happy

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Lobster tastes better with bigger chunks, my mouth finds!


From a little bit of reading I’ve done on this, it appears that the bubble size is related to the amount of CO2 dissolved in the liquid, which is itself related to the pressure at which the CO2 was added to the liquid. So CO2 injected at higher pressure ought to create larger bubbles.

Interestingly, the reason why bubbles grow as they rise in the glass is not, as I had presumed, due to the decrease in external pressure as they rise, but actually due to more CO2 entering the bubble from the liquid over time.

Not wishing to be controversial, but BIG BUBBLES say coarse/ rustic to me!! :tophat: :coat: :running_man::taxi: ::wink: :dragon:


Therefore potentially making this a quality issue , I’ve always attributed finer bubbles to higher quality fizz, lower fermentation temps, longer Lee’s ageing etc…… why would anyone want an aggressive bubble. ??
Seems odd

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How can I not like both of those options!

Edit: I see I am not the only person to have voted both options


Best steer clear of both!! :wink: :rofl: :dragon: