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Champagne and All Sorts of Fizz!

I do (like most) really enjoy Champagne and Fizz various.
I thought that an ongoing thread that brought all strands of Fizz together, might be useful as a resource! :+1:

I saw on Vinous that Bollinger are releasing a brand new range of Bolly’s!! :+1:
The first one is improbably called:
Bollinger PN VZ 15
The releases will seek to explore the various shades of Pinot at Bollinger.
It will be made to scale and seeks to be “affordable!!”
That is an aspiration, that I can get behind, possibly between the £39 for the NV and the £92 :open_mouth: :open_mouth: for the 2012 Grande Annee. My guesstimate is £65, but please :pray: don’t throw rocks :curling_stone:'s at me, if I am wide of actuality!! lol
This release is based on the 2015 vintage (50%) and 20% coming from their famed stock of Reserve Magnums.
Antonio Galloni of Vinous.com recently tasted the wine and awarded it 94/100 and remarked that it was to be “sharply priced!!” :wink: :dragon:


I too love sparkling wines, and I prefer Blanc de Noirs Champagnes or ones with a majority of PM and PM. I really don’t think Chardonnay makes the best sparkling wines*

But somehow I don’t reckon Bollinger’s idea of affordable agrees with mine.

(Well, of course one can afford it - after all, if one has bought a house and car, a bottle of fizz is a trifle, but I’m still unlikely to buy it)

(is it OK to post in your thread, @Taffy-on-Tour , without sprinkling it with emojis?)

*contentious I know…


I take your £65 and raise you…£89


I value every opinion!! :clap: :+1: :wink: :grinning: :dragon:

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If it is £89, it will be a Barry John(esque) bodyswerve from me.
“Sharply priced” was Antonio Galloni’s estimate, one that I repeated.
The world that Antonio inhabits, tasting single bottles costing into the £thousands, “sharply” for him, might I suggest be exorbitant for the majority of us!!
It has to be said that Bolly 2008 at £97 per bottle sold out here, toute suite.
Bolly 2012 at £92 is well on the way. As with other highly prized cuvees like Cristal.
I buy my halves of Bolly NV from Asda and Waitrose for around £18 per half.
Super with local Langoustines, Scallops or Lobster. A lobster in Summer costs me £5!!
Bottles from the Society Christmas offer and stored for 3 years.
A bottle of Grande Annee, a birthday or Christmas treat.
Remember, as many will is that my midweek glassful is Guigal CdR 2016 in halves!! :+1: :wink:


A bit more detail here at the buyer.


I had heard there was maybe something in the pipeline, so I suppose this is it.

There have been other “flankers” (as I believe they are called) at various times from other houses. Mumm has its Mumm de Cramant (formerly Crémant de Cramant) and Mumm de Verzenay, their blanc de noirs. Moet used to de a series of individual site champagnes, but that seems to have stopped. Actually, quite a few smaller houses do that too. Philipponat’s prestige cuvée comes from their Clos des Goisses. Then there’s Krug’s eye-wateringly expensive single climat wines.

So I’m not really surprised to see this, but the promised series from different sites, all made from one grape is the novel twist here. You can see the interest in a comparative tasting beckoning!

Bolly was always one of my favourites, though they wobbled when they started mucking about with SO2 additions. I understand those days are over so I ought to get back to them again soon.


A fantastic wine… if pricey.

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It used to be relatively more affordable,alas.

there have been some recent articles on champagne prices…and they all seem to be going north ! think of top Champagne at £100-£200 per bottle…top burgundy/bordeaux !!

join you there…midweek here is G CDdR Blanc !


Looks as though you were pretty close - just had an email of release for the PN VZ 15 at £350 for 6 IB, which works out at about £73/btl all in…

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I read that today is the official release day for the Bollinger PN VZ NV.
I really hope that @Sarah is ahead of the curve and makes it available to us ASAP.
It would be a real shame for the Society to lose sales, where members bought elsewhere rather than their preferred source. I did read somewhere that quantity is not an issue here, and IF the Society prices it in line with £350/6 IB, there will be plenty of takers.
I am so happy to have the Grande Annee 2008 & 2012, and the NV in my reserves.
The Grande Annee’s are expensive and it is smart of Bolly to give fans something more affordable whilst retaining a very high quality. Tempted does not come close!! :wink:LOL Vinous 94/100 Richard Juhlin 95/100 :+1: :dragon:


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With a heavy heart purchased:

6 x bottles Bollinger PN VZ 15 NV :cry: :dragon:


It won’t be heavy once you start popping those corks


Hashtag pray for taffy.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.


On another thread, I inquired as to whether any members had tried this bubbly??

So far, no response -but it is early days.
So tonight, having been shielding since an eye operation on the 3rd of March :open_mouth: :open_mouth:; I decided to answer my own question.
Was it Bolly or Roederer standard, of course not!! :open_mouth:
I had previously checked our price against what was out in the market; and our deal was /is the very best by far that I could find.
It IS VERY GOOD to my taste, not too acidic, very pleasant and appealing overall BUT the best bit is the rasp of fresh red apple on the palate and on the nose. There is a very attractive bitterness of apple skin that lingers on the aftertaste that I absolutely adore!! Well done @Sarah, you have delivered us a well priced bottle of Fizz, with which I have absolutely no issue!
My initial order was for 6 bottles for me and one case for a friend.
Tonight another 12 bottles will be winging their way, in my direction. :clap: :+1: :dragon:


I am not a fan of fizzy wine. I dont buy it but occassionaly we get given a bottle . One fear that i have never really gotten over is taking the cork out. I dont like bangs and i find it difficult to take the top off. I used a towel the last time i took the cork out.

Label image doesn’t show, and TWS info is uninformative. Is this Brut or Extra Dry?

And what is the appellation - TWS says

From excellent hillside vineyards

so is it Cartizze?

If you are interested in purchasing, and would like more information, then I would email:


I hope that this helps!! :wink: :+1: :dragon:


I use a Champagne Star, I think that I got one off eBay for about £5.
Avoid the Screwpull version as they are hugely overpriced.
On Amazon the Screwpull one £32 :open_mouth: the Barcraft version £4.99 :+1: :dragon: