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Challenge for all the wine experts here

I collected 2 bottles of this wine today from TWS at Stevenage.

Here’s my photos of the front and back labels. Here’s the challenge (not too difficult) - why did I hold the bottle up to the light?




To see if it was red like the front label or white like the back?


Which was it?

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carignan on the front but VRM on the back?


Hm! A wine with split personality issues! :face_with_monocle:

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Indeed - to see if it is red or white. TWS also sells the V-R-M white.

It is - as wanted - red.

Anyone got the white wine? If so, has it got the correct back label?

This was the third shopping cock-up that happened in short order today.

  1. I went to TWS at Stevenage to collect a pre-ordered box of 12 wines. When I opened it at home there were only 11 bottles

  2. Then Waitrose came with our weekly food order. Except we got an extra bag of stuff we didn’t order -presumably destined for someone else, so if you were expecting two bags of pasta, 2 bottles of EVO, sundried tomatoes and eggs, we’ve got them.

  3. This confusing wine with labels not checked by the importer (who’s that I wonder?)

I’ve had the white - straightforward but enjoyable if my memory serves.

Labels correct front and back


I’m not the correct destination of those things, @peterm, but our last “click and collect” order from Sainsbury’s was short on checking. On taking it up with them, they apologised and said it sometimes happens that the missing goods are dropped into the wrong crate. It sounds like a similar explanation may serve in your case.


TWS order: You are too trusting. I usually check in the car park. Did you look around the show room at all? Is it worth doing more than just order and collect?

I went to the showroom last week. Very limited range compared to the usual offering. Probably still a couple of hundred wines, but obviously much more choice online. I’d say it’s worth a look if there isn’t a queue and you’re going to collect anyway, but not worth an out of the way visit just to see what’s in.

Edit: to be clear, I’m not knocking it. The staff were doing a good job, and if you just want a few cases of popular lines it’ll do the job. But it isn’t currently (and nor should it be, given the current distancing restrictions) a place to go and browse for an hour if you want to look for anything unusual.

I’d had to have a blade with me to open the box. I’ve collected many orders for many years without a shortage.

Anyway, you say you ‘usually’ check, it could happen next time you don’t check :slight_smile:

Doesn’t everyone carry a pen knife?

But updating this discussion: when will we hear what changes could happen after 4 July?

Not me.

I am inclined to open boxes I collect in future, but at the moment I’m trying to handle cardboard boxes as little as possible as it seems the Covid can live on cardboard for some days.

After loading the box in my boot - I’d opened it before collecting - I sanitised my hand at the unit outside the shop before closing the boot and driving home.

I didn’t go in the shop. They have a chappie stationed outside the shop who asks you to sanitise your hands before entering and to use a trolley (that has had it’s handle sanitised) to push around the shop. I saw someone enter, and I might have popped in, but I didn’t have the time to follow 2 metres behind someone trundling around the shop’s one way system especially as there was nothing I wanted urgently and there are no bin-ends.

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We just opened a bottle of the red, 2016: if the 2017 is as good, you have chosen well. (The labels were both for red, and so was the colour of the wine.)

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Thanks for that, @SPmember .

I enjoy Carignan, especially old vie dry farmed from Maule Valley under the VIGNO scheme

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Going equipped…
…to open wine boxes :slight_smile:
Off-topic but when I said this to a friend in the travel industry he was horrified I carried a knife! I’ve done so since boyhood.
But what happens when you get on a plane?
I last went on a plane in the 1990s! Things were perhaps less stabby then :wink:


Mine is about 2 cm long, so not a major threat, but during the period soon after the controls on flying began, 2 friends got caught (separate occasions) with decent sized ones and both posted them to me (one after using the knife to tease open the post box at Heathrow which was designed not to allow anything as big as a knife). I assume this put me on all sorts of terrorist lists…

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Some years ago I got stopped at Minneapolis airport because, they said, I had a knife. I said I didn’t. Eventually had to go through my luggage and finally found, in the bottom of my washbag, one of those diddy Swiss army knives, maybe 2.5 cms long, which I’d been given somewhere. They let me board but the knife had to stay in Minneapolis.

Oh, can I play? You’ll never spot this one.


An update

  1. TWS have credited my account for the missing wine, but I hope I’m not making my way to a blacklist as I also had refunds for two corked bottles last month…

  2. Waitrose emailed to thank us for our honesty in reporting delivery of the unordered bag, and said that in the current circumstances they wouldn’t take it back and so we were free to dispose of the contents as we wished. We donated it to a local food bank.

  3. In view of the two above satisfactory outcomes, I looked again at the wines, but their back label hasn’t been updated - it’s still wrong. Well, 2 of 3 isn’t too bad :slight_smile: