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Chablis advice sought


I am not a huge buyer of Chablis but for some reason, always like to have a few bottles to hand over Christmas.

I am interested in the WS offering of the Duplessis but am displaying my usual indecisiveness around which vintage to opt for. There are no member reviews for either so would welcome any advice from the hive mind!

The '15 is £4 more expensive. Not an inconsiderable 20% more than the '14. Wondering if the price differential is worth it?

Thank you.


Just realised that my maths is appalling. 14% price differential seems closer to the mark!


I imagine the price differential will be down to hail reducing the crop in 2015.

Quality wise both vintages both are great years, stylistically 2015 should be a bit riper and fleshier, the 2014 higher acid and fresher. I personally love 2014 in Chablis, and think I’d go for that, even without the premium on 2015.


I agree with @mpreston91, the 2014 is generally a more ‘classic’ Chablis vintage, though taking longer to mature. Not sure why there is such a price difference there?

I have just finished a half case of Samuel Billaud 2014 village Chablis which was wonderful, sadly not easily available now. The 2015 is good, but not quite as good.


+1 for the 2014, especially given the price difference


Thank you for responding. Seems an easy choice then! 2014 it is.