Ch. Savariaud introductory offer

Has anyone tasted these yet?

I love a drop of claret and am a sucker for an introductory offer. I’ve got a few bottles on order to taste against some favourites like TWS Cotes de Bordeaux which are at a similar price point.

From the offer email:

Here’s delicious proof that it’s still possible to unearth proper ‘petit château’ Bordeaux with bags of character and offering excellent value for money.

Château Savariaud 2016 offers all of the above; and what’s more, it comes with an introductory bottle-price saving to help you get to know it!


I’ll probably give it a go next month for that price. Never know - it could be an absolute gem.

I finally got round to opening a bottle. Frankly I was really impressed with the quality for the price. I’m glad I picked up a few bottles on the introductory offer (safe with TWS promise). Nice fruity nose, subtle tannin and balanced acidity (which I often find a flaw in less expensive claret). The reviews on the website seem overwhelmingly positive too.

Good job TWS!

Updated link now that the introductory offer has gone: