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Ch Cissac 2010


Opened the first bottle from case yesterday. Wonderful wine with a venison casserole. Begining to wish I had bought more than one case!


Thanks, Peter. I have a case in reserves but was going to hold off until 2020 at least. I had heard the wine making is more approachable these day than it used to be. I bought several vintages on the back of a few bottles of the 1996 that were a delight ~2010. Was it still quite primary and tannic?


No hardly any tannic, very smooth.


It was the '96 that got me into Cissac as well - probably my first experience of proper claret that goes the distance. I always try to buy it whenever I see it and, aside from a badly stored '85, I’ve never had a duffer.


I had a lovely 1985 3 Christmases ago, if properly stored Cissac (at least the old style Cissac) has ageing ability beyond its relatively humble status.


I don’t remember the 2010 but have used Ch. Cissac for vertical tastings several times when we have had a daughter and son-in-law staying with us. We have now finished all my 1980s vintages and we may be out of the 1990s but we still have a good selection from 2000 onward.
It has been very interesting to see the different members of the family liking different vintages, very crudely, the younger the person the preference appears to be for an older wine.
We have also enjoyed an odd bottle or two of Reflets de Cissac.