CEO's advice impossible

Today instead of seeing TWS homepage there is a letter from TWS CEO explaining about not accepting any more orders…

He recommends joining this community and his letter has one link - to this community.

If you take that link and need to login and click on LOGIN at top right you are taken immediately to the CEO letter.

It’s a deadly loop.

(I have been away - I tried to login to the community on my desktop computer so experienced the above situation as the community cookie had expired. I can only post this using the notepad I used to access community whilst away.)

TWS CEO advice for members to take part in this community cannot happen unless members can login

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Thanks for this. Please bear with us.

Thanks Martin.

Things must be going crazy there.

Apologies! It’s because members need to log into the Community via their website login, and the website is currently restricted to just that message from Steve to make sure we can communicate this immediate action clearly with members.

The website should be back up and running later today, hopefully, so we should be able to log in then.

Thanks for quite rightly pointing this out! Hopefully we’ll be able to sort this swiftly.


Thanks for quickly correcting this.

I was able to log in just now on my desktop form where I am typing this :slight_smile:


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What strikes me is, is that no one has any experience of this sort of situation.
Everybody is winging it.
The one thing that one might speculate after this crisis subsides is, that there will be a number of consultancies that will spring up, proclaiming that they have all of the answers for “THE NEXT TIME!”
My opinion, complete nonsense, but many companies will buy into the notion.
Huge companies, have “What if??” departments, for the unthinkable or the unthought of.
I have always liked the concept of “Institutional Memory,” but that for another day.

All we can ask the Society to which we are members of, is to do their best, in the most trying of circumstances. Will they get it right every time, of course not but neither do any of us?
And being completely brutal, let him or her throw the first stone, only if they have never made a mistake themselves. As a Dim Taffy, I only rate around 50/50!!