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Cellr App

I’ve been invited to join the beta testing of a new app called Cellr.

In their words -

“CELLR will be the platform where you can curate your entire wine life. Whether you want to track inventory, compile an endless wish list, trade with other cellar owners, or be presented with new wine options that actually match what your drinking or putting on your wish list, CELLR will be the single stop for your wine life.”

You can migrate all info direct from cellar tracker, so no need to input all info again but that’s the only format at the moment that allows such a transfer.

It’s still in beta mode so too soon to pass a verdict.


Personally do not see the need for this sort of ‘application’. More fun to create one’s own recording system. Although I can see how this sort of thing appeals to the techie brigade! Certainly wouldn’t pay for one. Go for it if it lights your candle. I bet cellar tracker aren’t keen!

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About three years ago, I started writing one of these (although my stupid tech-app name was Winedr), and then stopped for exactly this reason.

I also think that between Vivino and Cellar Tracker (one is really struggling financially and the other is a vanity project funded by its owner rather than them making a living off it) there really isn’t a market space big enough to actually put the level of effort required into it to make a go of it.

I would really miss cellar tracker. I find it incredibly useful for keeping track of what i have, drinking windows, varieties, regions etc.

How viable it is as a business is another matter.

From what i have seen so far of this new app, it’s no where near as user friendly as CT so they’d need to make big changes to convert me.