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CellarTracker with extra Oomph!?


I have modest little database of 190+ wines (including ‘consumed’ wines) at CellarTracker - my username is Neo-Oen.

However I want to classify, sort and filter my data in lots of different ways that CellarTracker does not support (my CellarTracker “Wishlists” are creaking under the strain). I’ve politely requested a bit of extra functionality, but no joy so far.

I already use Airtable for other purposes - it’s an amazingly powerful, accessible and (truly) relational database.

I could combine the two systems using clunky import/export routines, but I want something slicker, more dynamic - like using the APIs to seamlessly integrate the two databases.

Does anyone here know of an existing Airtable / CellarTracker integration (or any CellarTracker dynamic integration!) that I could use? If not, I might end up trying to create such an integration on my own (I thought those days were behind me - and I’m not sure if my programming skills are up to it now!)



I cant see any requests from you on the CT Support forum


Maybe that’s why it’s been so quiet!

On the forum, my user name is grayfo. I’ll dig around and post a link here.


There you go…

(I have a different username on the support forum - I would have mentioned it, if I’d known you were going to look it up!)


Not stalking you! :slight_smile:
Just interestedto see what data you wanted and assumed you’d use the same name on the forums as on CT


Hi Graham, you might want to take a look at wineowners.com where sorting and filtering is comprehensive, which does support wish lists, which match to wines offered for sale by other wine lovers and collectors. Uploads from an export out of CT are free. I have a vested interest in Wine Owners so am declaring that to you.



Thanks Nick. I’ll check this one out. I haven’t come across it before.



My pleasure.