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Cellartracker - genuine or hack?

Got an email this evening from ‘Eric LeVine @ Cellertracker’ - which is odd.

I don’t have any kind of account with CT.
The name ‘Eric LeVine’ is dodgy as chuff.

Naturally it’s an instant delete. More of concern is that TWS is the ONLY site I can think of, which has my true e-mail address, username, and cross references with an interest in wine?


The name is strange but correct. Did it ask you to click anything?

Sorry - it was cellar not celler. I’m a bit dislexic.

Oh yes… there is an option to click for jobs with CT !! as if…

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Eric Levine is indeed his name (ex of Microsoft if I remember the back story).

They do send out periodical news updates - I think the last one was in 2016 or something.

The email address I have is legit. Don’t know whether @lapin_rouge is possibly a spam one riding on the back of it.

I use CT, got the email, address is legitimate, and Eric LeVine is indeed the founder and ex Microsoft. Don’t think there is anything to be concerned about here…


I think it’s legit

Did you sign up to cellartracker in 2013?


Blimey - I must have !

Apologies to everyone…