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Cellar update


Having just finished an annual stock take, my cellar list is now ready and refreshed for 2019. I quite enjoy doing this every January - the process involves a full update from every bottle on the list, cross referencing several resources to update the “ready to drink” section of my spreadsheet. With a small / medium sized collection it is easy to forget those that have been laid down and my options for drinking now have just been greatly expanded

Do others have similar quirks or foibles that they look forward to with their collections? :nerd_face:


I wish I had a cellar but according to my Wife we cant justify the cost of digging into the ground and creating one! Making do with my Eurocave fridge, just spent the afternoon scanning everything into Cellar Tracker for the first time…decided to give up on my spreadsheet as I failed to keep a track accurately.

Really impressed with Cellar Tracker, a new discovery for me this year…hopefully the first wine related discovery of many.


Couldn’t cope without CellarTracker. Only issue for me is maintaining the discipline of taking a bottle off the database when consumed. Not usually a problem if we just drink the one of an evening but if multiple bottles are consumed I have been known to slip up…


I’m the same with the spreadsheet. I’m hoping opening an app is much easier than my laptop this year!!


I’m geeky enough to have written my own online database (it was before the days of CellarTracker, and I like to control my own data…:wink:) . But an annual audit does sound like a good idea. However, doesn’t it take away the fun of sometimes digging around and discovering a wine that you’ve forgotten about? These can sometimes prove a great success, or equally the opposite…


I also use cellar tracker and find it great for keeping track of my wines in my wine cabinet and in storage. Now also use it to log dates of Coravin access, particularly useful when using the screwcap devices as they only have an alleged 2-3month preservation period.


Have to say I’ve tried CT a few times and it doesn’t quite have the flexibility that I’ve got in my spreadsheet

I use Excel on my phone to update it regularly and it’s still the best way for me to keep tabs on things. It also allows me my annual indulgence


I’m the same; I used both CT and my own spreadsheet in tandem for a while but in the end the greater flexibility of my own spreadsheet won out. I have a lot more information in it and can easily add more if I feel I need it. I have ceased updating CT now.


As an Excel obsessed accountant I’d just love to compare everyone’s spreadsheets some time :rofl: mine even has date graphs showing each wine’s drinking window…


Now that I would like to see!


The really great thing about CT is the amount of detail about wine that it holds. Instead of entering tedious details of full name and appellations one just selects it from the database.

For those that can do magic with spreadsheets its the matter of moments to download ones CT database to a spreadsheet


Cellar Stock take is my January evenings tasks - with about 600 bottles in the cellar its not a quick job…but it is enjoyable

moving wine from “long term celling” to “drinking window” bins is a favourite aspect…then I start to think of the occasion / food that will go with the bottles

Mine is all catalogued on a spreadsheet…engineer by training and old habits die hard ! I haven’t found an app that does what I need…


snap - have the same

and a filter system to tell me what in the cellar meets certain attributes

right.enough geek for the morning !


I used Cellar tracker, really handy to use the drinkability part of the report to see which wines are ready to drink! Although only have 92 wines on the cellartracker at the moment.


I did my annual reconciliation between what Cellartracker says, what the board on the door of my cabinet says and what’s actually there just before Christmas. About 250 bottles plus what’s in reserves with WS and others, so takes a couple of hours.

A few anomalies - on both sides of the ledger! Probably about 6-10 on each side. Usually down to me filling in gaps in the shelves with odd single bottles from the assorted cardboard boxes in the garage and forgetting that not all of these have been recorded in the first place, or just drinking a bottle or more commonly giving it away, and forgetting to record it.


My contribution to the soon-to-be-created thread “Wine Spreadsheet Geekery Challenge”:


I have been thinking about making something like that - gives me an idea of the overlap between wine styles to see where gaps are.


You and I need to talk. I want one!!


nice! will look at something similar for mine

btw - are you being a bit optimistic for the 2007 Forts ?


Happy to send the spreadsheet to anyone who would like to do something similar - just IM me your email address :slight_smile:

Drink dates for the 2007 Forts based on the WS EP offering way back in 2008!