Cellar Surprises!

Having a good poke around in the cellar and re-found this gem (bought for me as a gift a good deal of time ago). The vintage is 2005! so should be good experience for Christmas.

Have any other members of this community had similar “surprise finds” skulking around forgotten in the back of the cellar.


Over to you @Graham74


You pulled that out of the back of the cellar? Sounds more like Narnia than a cellar!


Many years ago I arranged a trip around Mouton for my grown up children and this was an unnecessary gift for doing it. Totally forgot it was there! on a ledge being a proper rack.


They’re always the best finds.

Also great to have a back story specific to the find.


Afternoon all

A timely post…

I have been excavating stuff to potentially line up for a Christmas family dinner.

For my sins as a compulsive hoarder (sorry, collector) some of the line up. More strata to explore…


Tesco’s mostly.


The Reserve de la Contesse were Tesco’s Swindon (used to stop there for a breather when working in Filton) and were £10 a go. Have the 2002 as well. Somewhere.

Bandol from Waitrose.

Australia - New Zealand

All from Tesco’s. If memory serves correctly the Bin 28 was silly money. Between £5 - £10 a bottle.

Germany - Lebanon

Riesling from Co-op shelf clearing many moons ago. Musar for Waitrose last year I believe for £20 ish?

Father forgive my sins. I am weak…


Seems crazy that Tesco had their own Hermitage!

How times have changed


And the Cune is Tesco Finest

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Regrettably not mine, but a friend and I discovered this when cataloguing his collection - on a disused mantlepiece!


I hope you got to try it…

Yep, I drank some of the Hermitage. They went down the pan after the 2009 Bordeaux vintage, wonderful ranges in large stores, which was discounted in the end to clear it. I bought loads of Phélan Ségur, Potensac, Beaumont etc. After that was gone the fine wine ranges collapsed.


Saving it for 2026!


Not really a surprise but a new entry. Will have a snifter soon to see if it’s worth sharing(!)


Evening Kit?

Now that’s an odd coincidence.

A lifetime ago I was a vineyard row renter with Grand Mayne in Duras.

As well as selling his own Grand Mayne wines Andrew Gordon would also sell wines he’d sourced.

Jean Philippe Marchand red burgundy was one of those.

Small world…


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Interesting story, Graham. Do you have any JPM in your cellar currently? I’m pretty sure this bottling is way passed it’s best and I paid far more than I should have for it - we’ll see(!)……now where’s that vintage needle for the coravin?...


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Alas no.

I’m guessing that the JPM Bourgogne Rouge were of that time frame. They’ve long since been necked.

You never really know with, let’s say, slightly older wines.

I have similar and older aged Bordeaux, but not Burgundy. I think when I started it was “easier” to understand Bordeaux.

Fingers crossed.


Now this one is a surprise - no vintage label.


Now that might just be a goodie…

The last time I had a 20+ year Chambertin was at Mr Kong’s in Chinatown. It’s not your typical Chinese restaurant wine so I was pleasantly suprised how good it was knowing that it was most likely kicking around their cellar for 20 + years(!) So we’ll have to wait and see with this one.


The King has obviously been tidying the cellar at the Palace. State Banquet wines were

‘‘English Camel Valley Special Reserve 2015; Montrachet 1er Cru Macharelles; Domaine François Carillon 2014; Château Mouton-Rothschild 1er Cru, Pauillac 1989; Château Lafaurie-Peyraguey; Sauternes 2001; Fonseca 1985.’’