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Celebrity endorsed drinks

Not very long ago then.

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Ha ha… I bloodywish :wink:!

Just this evening I’ve stumbled across an offer of Rutherford Hill Port. Made in California. From Zinfandel. Vintage 2004. $49 per half bottle.


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Real Port uses the name Porto in the USA.

The word port is allowed in the USA for fortified wines.

I can’t remember the intricacies of the negotiations

So Lenny Kravitz has teamed up with Dom Perignon and apparently has been appointed their first global creative director…:sweat_smile:
I assume for this price he will have disgorged it personally and left some sweat drops on the cork :persevere:

(£2,300 for a 1.5L magnum of Vintage 2008).
I wish someone had shown him how to hold a glass :laughing:


Inspired by snakeskin and ‘brutalism’ the box transforms into a candelabra?? Oh good grief… :rofl:


If there is anything that might possibly convince me not to buy their products this has to be it…


Don’t forget the “lined with velvet” :joy::joy::joy:


What a twat! :face_vomiting:


The use of “Port” for US wine was grandfathered over 10 years ago. So existing US brands can continue to use the name, but no new ones. (It was the same with Burgundy, and a few other similar terms. )

“Porto” might well be protected in the USA, but I have never actually heard or read it being used by Americans, and as far as I know the labels are the same as the ones we get. Presumbly the Portuguese use it locally, and on Port bottles meant for local consumption…?

For almost £2.5k for a magnum it should be clad in samite, never mind being packaged in a velvet lined box…:smiley:

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I suspected that someone who would rhyme, fly, sky and high might be a bit of a wotsit.

Theory confirmed.

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I’ve done this in France when it was 40 deg +

but being ‘clever’ I froze ice cubes of the same wine…no dilution ! smart me !

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I thought America had someone else who was orange and cheesy !


Bravo !!!


I cannot stand by and listen to those of you who would bad mouth Lenny. I once saw him walking down Taunton high street with his band (he was playing Glasto) and he looked amazing. And all us brexity hicks and slack-jawed yokels gawped and tutted. It was such a treat. And he played a great set. This was the nineties mind.


Hi Steve

I think the argument was that PORT is not a geographic term so the USA would not agree to it being a protected name; it’s not analogous to Burgundy.

According to TTB, law says in Title 27: Alcohol, Tobacco Products and Firearms , paragraph 12:31 ( d) recognised names are Oporto, Porto, or Vinho do Porto.

AFAIK there is nothing to stop others selling fortified wines as Port in the US, grandfathering is not an issue. Real Port, i.e. Portuguese Port, is labelled differently for the US market as Porto.


That the American public call all fortified wine ‘port’ is insignificant, they call all sparkling wine ‘champagne’ and that is a protected term (except for grandfathered rights)

I wasn’t sure about labelling, but there are a number of references on the web to “Port” being grandfathered. Here is one:

I am also pretty sure Americans typically just say and write “Port” when referring to the proper thing. See fortheloveofport.com for example.