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Celebrity endorsed drinks

Give it time, the way things are going anything is possible!

Aaaaand who says it has to be some woman called Binky, Tonky or Trinny or Susanna or something?

I for one think I’d be quite good as an influencer. I could leave the top of my merino cardigan lazily undone to show my Stereolab/ British Sea Power t-shirt and artfully show the crisp-crumbs down my front as I ‘product place’ the particular wine…


Hmmm. Actually, I should get in touch with Tunnocks and see if I can work out a cross-product deal… See which Wine Soc products go well with Caramel Wafers.

Oh, and Auld’s Pies - they could freight me some down to this neck of Englandshire who don’t know a Scotch Pie or Bridie from a hole in the head. Heathens.


Oh, and please don’t accuse me of Coast-ism. I am perfectly happy to also include East Coast Scottish cuisine in my cross-product ‘synergies’ - I happen to think a hearty Cahors, for example, might to well with a battered sausage supper avec salt ‘n’ sauce à la style Edinburgaise…



Even more…

Hip hop star Snoop Dogg has released his own gin brand – a strawberry-infused expression called Indoggo.

He’s a serial offender as he’s tied in with the 19 Crimes brand wine Cali Red


That’s it. I’m going to launch my own branded Scotch Pie.


I trust it will have real Scotch in it :slight_smile:

Perhaps. However, as it’s an authentic Scotch Pie, I will not be able to guarantee that there will be real meat in it…


such is the way the world moves…to be honest, I still miss the days when the town crier told us all the news - hey ho…onward


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Given that his breakthrough hit was called “Gin and Juice”, this is actually less surprising than most.


And another…

Idris Elba has entered the celebrity wine game and partnered with two French estates on his own label, Porte Noire. Elba, known for his roles in The Wire, Luther and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, has curated a Champagne and rosé for his brand

The sweary one has just announced his new range of wines

Gordon Ramsay launches his own brand of California wines (thedrinksbusiness.com)

No doubt they’re f lipping good


I would dearly love to know ‘exactly’ how much involvement (if indeed any) these celebrities have in the creation of these brands. Personally, I wouldn’t wash my car with anything that has Ramsey’s name on it. I think he is a vile individual. I still think Sam Neill is the only serious celeb who gets his fingers in the soil and has ‘some’ credibility. Other than that, they are no more serious than say the fragrances market! Gimmicks.


Oddly, the pop star Pink is very involved in her Two Wolves winery, and not in a branding/marketing way. Clearly there’s glossy promo shots with her holding some soil next to the grape vines (and it’s that rather than her at home with a glass of Rose too), but she lives and works the vines and is involved in the vinification too.


Some members might find this interesting.

I think the involvement of the sportsmen varies quite a lot. I have no connection and can’t comment on the quality of the wines.

it varies from investment to getting hands dirty - a friend has had some involvement and been to events (pre-CV)

Grimpeur this might help you with your pie production, Tongmaster scotch pie kits, we have also used the stew pie kits from tongmaster seriously tooth breaking hot water cases, Ps ch Trillol in the stew pie gravy.

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Is there anything this wine can’t do?


Break the bank.